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1052 srxrrrrrnnn oonennss. sm. III. oe.- 142. 1915. the Board of Engineers for Rivers and Harbors in report dated February tenth, nineteen hundred and fo1u·teen, and printed in RIVQIS and Harbors Committee Document Numbered 'hvelve, Sixty-third {mfg-wmwes b Cosgresshsecond session, $_110,000:Pr0·v1dcd, That local mterests ncmmtemsmqured sh furnish space for public wharves, both at Moss Point and at Pascagoula, eight hundred feet m length and of such width as may Sabm&NechesCamL be satisfactory to the Secretary of War." _ rex. The Sabme·Neches Canal, Texas, from the Port Arthur Ship Canal V°'· °"‘· p· 9**** to the mouth of tS}pbi§ebRive1§‘_the Neches gliver) up tc; tg; town of Beaumont, an e a ine iver up to e wn o ange, as provided for in the river and harbor Act of February twenty-seventh, Chmmb mmmahk nineteen hundred and eleven: _ _ _ _ tained by ieen mm- That the channels which the Beaumont Navigation District, or °““· other_local interests, and the Orange Naviglation District, or other local mterests, are required, by the aforesai _Act, to mamtam for a term of three years ree of cost to the United States are hereby defined as, re§pectively, 'tihe channgl flromhthe rpquth oi the Neizlhes River u to eaumont, exas an the c anne rom the mout o ggggém 0, gum the Nedlies River up to Orahgle, Texas:_ Promkled, That nothing nick. herein shall be construed as re evmgl said Beaumont Navigation District of its obligation to provide for the operation and maintenance of the guard lock without cost to the United States as required by said dlriver harbor Act of February twentyseventh, nineteen hun ed an eeven. ·;~§,‘§,'T"’°"""° m"°"* Cumberland River above Nashville, Tennessee: The balances ·bii%*ii”vi’*ii·"°'k }"i°‘E“d°$ f.12m°'“ *f§ré2”¥"P’§?.Z‘§”* 2'ii‘d° fi' mi °°“° scnoocan s oore or1z,annooer needed for said ose, are hereb made available for maintenggce PUYP Y of improvement by open-channel work on that part of the river Sa,. W. 1., ebgvs Nebula-. . . _ inch. l amt Mays River at the falls, Michigan. That so much as may be p,§;f"°°° °’P°“'°' necessary o the unexpended balance of appropriations heretofore made for the construction of the new third ock may, in the discretion of the Secretary of War, be applied to the deepening and enlarge. ment of the tailrace of the United States power plant, in order to Mlssmppl R wu increase the capacity of said plant. _ _ _ _ _ headwaters. _ Reservous at the headwaters of the Mississippi River: That the ,,,§§§,f,QhL§§§° °f_’;,g',§§: provisions in the river and harbor Acts of June twenty-fifth, nine- ¤bg¤¤¤¤<r , teen hundred and ten, and February twenty-seventh, nineteen ol. 36, pp. M9, 949. . . . . . hundred and eleven, authorizing and making appropriations for the construction o a can etween e mm os and Leech ' f al b Lak W` lush Swmomm S10 h Lake, are herebly repealed. wget. b I rug ’ _ Swiuomish Soug , Washington: That for the purpose of aiding m’j,‘,§;*h0{,,‘g$,Y ‘“ °" in the improvement and maintenance of the channel across Padilla Bay, and securing the cooperation of local interests therein, the Secretary of War may authorize said local interests to construct a e » c a ac sreams ownas n an insect tka:.:::%t:dgs—¤’::% **;*3 Std cam, miacomgrma and Teleigigapllstitgoughilah in accordiance wightlsurgihlplans as magruie .0 approve on the recommen ation o e f f Hggin ; isd»°i'>*1`li§ucexpe¤se. Provided, That no expense shall be incurred by thd Unit Stist-gs Mmm mw H on account of said improvement. _ ,,md,,0§§S_ °“° · Sec. 3. That where separate works or items are consolidated in this or subsequent river and harbor Acts and an aggregate amoimt is appropriated therefor, any balances remaining to the credit of the separate works or items may be transferred to the credit of the cor. responding} aggregate amounts appro riated for the consolidated items, an the amounts appropr1ate¢i)or_transfe1red shall, unless otherwise expressed, be expended in securing maintenance and xmprovement according to the respective projects adopted by Congres,