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1054 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 142. 1915. or rson in charge of such vessel shall be liable to a penalty of $100; andie the said vessel may be holden for the payment of such penalty, and may be seized and proceeded against summarily by hbe for the recovery of the same in any United States district court for the district within which such vessel may be and in the name of the officer R, d mm designated by the Secretary of War. m-v2`§§,reZii Sec. 8. That section five of the river and harbor Act approved July mY,‘;};,§}gP*’· *32*827* twenty-fifth, nineteen hundred and twelve, as amended ly the river and harbor Act approved March fourth, nineteen hundre and thirteen, be, and the same is hereby, amended so as to read as follows: m‘f,°{u¤*]b:§";;‘,,$§°“;§°,,f "SEo. 5. That the Secretary of War is authorized and directed to tions,etc., aimaeg. have prepared and transmitted to Congress at the earliest practicable date a compilation of preliminary examinations, surveys, projects, and appropriations for works of river and harbor improvement similar V°1‘ 32* p` 375 in general form and sub'ect matter to that which was prepared in accordance with section thirteen of the river and harbor Act apjirioved June thirteenth, nineteen hundred and two, and printed in ouse Document Numbered Four hundred and twenty-one, Fifty-seventh gytzggm to and 0, Congress second session: Promkled, That the report to be prepared aaaceugms. in accordance with this provision shall be a revised edition of the report printed in the document above mentioned, extended to the end of the Sixty-third Congress." ¥.§{’,‘,§“,Ig}"‘},,%‘,.},";,,,g Sec. 9. That the limit 0 time fixed bg the river and harbor Act ¤¤`·;¤i¤§<=2·. ¢¤3*¤7£<1•<r of June thirteenth, nineteen hundred an two, for the removal of a rgapiibse. temporary dam and the construction of a lock in Bayou Lafourche, Louisiana by the Atchafalaya Basin and Lafourche Basin Levee Boards of, the State of Louisiana, is hereby extended to iirst, nineteen hundred and seventeen. §{§S'f,§c‘§?,§f,S’§,§°i,u,_ Sec. 10. That the Hprovisions of section five of the legislative, <=h§?¤.t;¤;iv¤::ng1;££- executive and judici appropriation Act approved July sixteenth, gu $,0,;, ° nineteen hundred and fourteen, shall not be construed as a plyin

  • ’**°·P-“°°· to the purchase, maintenance, and repair of motor boats, truclis, and

other vehicles needed in carrying out the various projects adopted by Conggess for the improvement, preservation, and protection of rivers V and arbors. ,,,’§f,,‘f;’j*§§j§"' “"’°' Sec. 11. That the Mississippi River Commission shall ascertain and uédnegpgsnsstcxlrjjgg- report as far as possible what amounts have been contributed pr_are ,t.,_ bylwnma ben; now being contributed by districts or locahties on the Mississippi ¤*°<i °°”°’°P°“°°· River benefited by the construction of levees or other improvements, the amonmt of bonds issued by such localities, the amount of bonds outstanding, the taxable value of the lands and other propert within the levee and other districts issuing bonds; also whether there are any such districts or localities upon said river or near to it in a situation to be benefited by the improvement of said river which are makwatomsy from ingéno contributions toward the improvement thereof. I,ockport,I1L,to im. nc. 12. That the provision in the river and harbor Act of June "§*,*}$,,§§;‘}{;,,,,,,,°c, twenty-fifth, nineteen hundred and ten, as given in volume two of the vgfggegé 659 Compilation of Laws relating to the Improvement of Rivers and ’p' Harbors, published in nineteen hundred and thirteen, pages fourteen hundred and twem fourteen hundred and twenty-one, and begin- ' with the wo "For the construction of the waterway from

rt, Illinois b way of the Desplaines and Illinois Rivers, to

the mouth of Illinois River, $1,000,000," and ending with the words "reports herein called for, shall be submitted to the Chief of Engineers not later than November first, nineteen hundred and ten, reviewed by the Board of Engineers for Rivers and Harbors, and submitted to Congress not later than the first Monday in December nineteen hundred and teu," be, and the same is hereby, repealed, and the amount remaimng unexpended thereon shall be covered back into the Treasury.