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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 142. 1915. 1055 Sec. 13. That Swan Creek, a stream I within the limits of the S!"°° Cf , *,;,'*`°l¤¤•>· city of Toledo, State of Ohio, is hereby mgelcilgred to be not a navigable in)ahwi·i)é¤(i¤1awater.n°t ° waterway of the United States within the meaning of the laws enacted by Congress for the Cpreservation and protection of such waterways and the consent of ongress is hereby given for the filling in of said creek by the local authorities. P om to In Sec. 14. That the following projects now under improvement shall ¤miii2u,·w. ’°°x` be reexamined, in accordance with the law for the original examination of rivers and harbors, with a view to obtaining reports whether the adopted dprojects shall be modified or the improvement abandoned: Inlan Waterway from Norfolk to Beaufort Inlet, North Carolina. Coosa River Georgia and Alabama. St. Lucie Inlet, Florida. Brazos River, Texas, from Old Washington to Waco. Red River, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, and Oklahoma. Ouachita River, Arkansas and Louisiana. Arkansas River, Arkansas and Oklahoma. Tennessee River, Tennessee, Alabama, and Kentucky. Fox River, Wisconsin. Missouri River, Missouri, mouth to Kansas City. And the Chief of Engineers is directed to make a report upon any p,§,2‘,Q,{“ °" °"’“ other projects, river or harbor, the further imlplrovement of whic under present conditions is undesirable, or in w `ch modifications of the plans or roj ects should be made. Pmumm am, Sec. 15. The Secretary of War is hereby authorized and directed mam, all °{Z t. to cause preliminary examinations and surveys to be made at the ”’*““‘~ following—named localities, and a sumcient sum to pay the cost thereof, as well as those included in section fourteen, may be allotted Promo from the amoimt provided in this Act: Provided, That allotments of iuioamim uma. _ such amoimts as may be necessary may be made toward the completion of examinations and surveys heretofore authorized and for such other contingent expenses as are usually paid from the appropriation _ for "Examinations, surveys, and contingencies," to wit: R§g“,§,f}‘°¤h°“¥ Youghiogheny River, up to West Newton. mails, J onesport Harbor, Maine, including Moosabec Bar. Monhegan Harbor, Maine. Mouth of Cape Neddick River, York, Maine. York Harbor, Maine. Machias River, Maine. South Bristol Harbor, Maine. Isle au Haut Harbor, Maine. Hendricks Harbor, Maine. Portland Harbor, Maine, including the obstruction known as Witch Rock. Gotts Island Channel, Maine. Belfast Harbor, Maine. Indian Creek, Vinal Haven, Maine. _ Portsmouth Harbor, New Ham§shire. N"' H°°‘”m“* Merrimac River, from Lowell, assachusetts, to Manchester, New “““°““*°""· Hampshire. L nn Harbor, Massachusetts. _ • Mystic River, Massachusetts, from the mouth of Island End River to Vlxiburn or as far as practicable. _ _ Mystic Itiver, Massachusetts, below the Island End River, with a view to wide the channel. , _ Onset Bay, assachusetts, for the deepeningrand widemng of the existing channel from Onset to the vicinity of ickets Island, for the construction of an anchorage basin in Onset Bay, and for the c0nstruc~ tion of a channel between Wickets Island and Onset Island to the Cape Cod Canal channel above Monument Beach.