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SIXTY—THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. C1-1. 142. 1915. 1.059. Chickasahay River, Mississi i, from its mouth to Shubuta. m“*’“*PP*~ Channel to the Back Bay of)Biloxi, Biloxi, Mississippi. g£>rdl.;¤.u gifs? Mxssissippinaiiid its navigtable tributaries. oe uc_ ae, issippi romits u ettoltt B COD§;d£|;'I1:t1€;1 of any proposition for coiiperation onatheuiilarltuofuloc or a m rests. Barataria Bay, Louisiana, and connecting waters. "°"“"“ Shallow Bayou, Louisiana. _ Bayou Plaiquemme Brule, with a view to the extension of the im rovemen . » Bayou Foures, Cameron Parish, Louisiana. Mermentau River, Louisiana. Bayou Lafourche, Louisiana, for a lock at the head, with a view to ascertaining whether such lock, either in connection with a new dam or in connection with the dam built by the local levee boards m pursuance of authority contained in the river and harbor Act X°*·”·l>·3"¤· ppproved June thirtgegth, nineteien hundred and two, is necessary m’p'1°°4’ ornavigationousai aou·an if , ht art fth tif shcéuld b§_bomeiAby the gtate§(;_§W 8, P 0 cms ’ my, ane 1ver u1si a, t Colf . Little River and t·1l·ibutari;1s, Caalstor catiid Bugdefionia, from the mouth of L1ttle Itiver to Winniield, Louisiana, on the Dugdemonia, ang to 011:30 Lomiaana, rip tl}? Casitogéc dn ayous urta eau, oe an o 'e _ Mermentau River, Louisiana, with a view to the removal of obstructions to nav1gation in and near the mouth. b8§;bix;_e—l]\r{eches8g}ai1)1al, Texafs, a view to revetting the north '1‘¤¤¤· 0 the can etween ort thur, Texas d S b` Lak , zack raeviuigmiegit Fvgrktto be confined to the section dlfn the hair: withilh e ci y 0 0 ur. _ Port Arthur Ship Canal, Texas, with a view to making an entrance mto Sabme Lake at or near the city of Port Arthur. _C]:n§y izglnd give Oak Creeks, Texas, with a view to a connection wit the an waterway. Harbor at Beaumont, Texas, with a view to the removal of island in the turninrg basin. Austwgl, exas, to a connection with the inland waterway in San Antonio ay. ghannel todPorttB<;liv&1‘¥ Tgxts, with tg. view to the enlargement, ex ension an pro ec 10D 0 e umm asm. Taylors Bayou, Texas, to Southern Igacific bridge. geep-;;vaterIl§arbor(;1tRI’ort (¥Conu0r, '£exas. aran awa ay an iver, exas, wit a to ti °th the inland waterway. View comm on wl mc'l`;exa,s City Harbor, Texas, with a view to enlargement and proion. _Colorado River, Texas, from its mouth as far up as is practicable, with at view to removing the raft, including consideration of any pro}p0s{)t1o1E_Hi;Jor cI_ooperatt;on on thetpart ofllcglal lo; otgner interests. ar or y, exas, a connec ion `t _ Lake Charlotte, Texas. W1 6 an waterway T Intracoastal waterway from the Arroyo Colorado to Point Isabel, exas. Galveston Harbor and Galvesto Ch l, T `th ` obtaining a navilgable depth of thinilt -£i:;ufe}et. cms, wl a new to Galveston an Sabine section of the Inland Waterway, Texas: (1) A_channe1 five feet deep and forty feet in bottom width from the Sab1ne_R1ver alonglkiihe proposed route to East Bay Bayou; thence within the Shoal e to northward of West Galveston Bay to %ob1nscé1;·1Baytc;u, End thence via Robinsons Lake and Whites Lake to pper ves n ay.