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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 1~. 1915. 1063 General Staff Corps, including the purchase of law books, professional books of reference; periodicals and newspa ers; drafting and messenger service· and of the military attachds at the United States embassies and legations abroad; and of the branch office of the mrhtary infomation section at Manila; the cost of special instruction at home and abroad and in maintenance of students and attaches; and for such other purposes as the Secretary of War may deem proper; to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of War, Pmm $11,000: Provided, That section thirty-si.x hundred and forty-eight, renwksa. Revised Statutes, shall not apply to subscri tions for foreign and R‘S"‘°°‘3°‘8’*’°"°‘ professional newspapers and periodicals to lie paid for from this appropriation. Omm www or the actual and necessary enses of officers of the Army on wsmpmam ¤m£ duty abroad for the purgpse of 0 erations of armies of ‘ forznén States at war, to paid upon certifiizates of the Secretary of ar that the expenditures were necessary for obtaining military information, $15,000: Provided, That the actual and necessary ex- €§°§'$§;,t of pd, penses of officers of the Arm(y who, after July first, nineteen hundred °¤P°”°°·°°°· and fourteen, have been on uty abroad for the purpose of observing operations of armies of foreign States at war, an of officers who may hereafter be on duty abroad for that p1u·pose shall be paid out of the aréproprration for contingencies of the military information section, eneral Staff Corps, upon certificates of the Secretary of War that the expenditures were necess for obtaining military A infomation; and the amonmt appropriatedrfor such contingencies by yafgiifm "' °"’°° an Act entitled "An Act making a ropriations for the support of 4•***·P·“*· the Army for the fiscal year ending gpune thirtieth, nineteen imdred and Iifteen," approved April twenty-seventh, nineteen hundred and fourteen, is increased to $26,000. _ hwg, uhm Urvrrnn Srrxms snnvrcm sonoors: To provide means for the Egg: umnwunu, theoretical and practical instruction at the Army service schools ‘ (including the Army Staff College, the Am¥lSchoo of the Line, the _ Army Field Engineer School, the Army `eld Service and Correspondence Schoo for Medical Om081B and the Army grind School) F at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, the Mounted Service ool at Fort °'°R"‘”’K‘”* Riley, Kansas, and the School of Fire for Field Artillery and for the 0 School of Musketry, at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, by the purchase of text- F"' sm' ""‘ books, books of reference, scientific and professional papers, the purchase of modern instruments and material for theoretical and practical instruction, employment of temporary, techmcal, or 5-pecial services, and for all other absolutely necessary expenses, to be otted in such proportions as may in the opimon_ of the Secretary of War, P H ml be for the best interests of the military service, $35,350, of which sum °’ ° "‘ "°°" not exceeding $100 per month may e used for the pmt of one translator, to be appointed by the commandant of the y Service Schools, with the approval of the Secretary of War. , Adjutant cemnvs mn ADJUTANT GENERAL s nnranrunxr. D•D•¤¤1¤¤¤- Contingencies at Corrrrrceaucms, Hrzanqunrrrms or Mnrrrgrzr Dmmrrunurs, Drs- ""°°"‘“'”'* ·rruc’rs Arm Tacrroar. Commrvnsz For contingent expenses at the headquarters of the several territorial de artments, territorial tricts, tactical divisions and brigades, including the staff cogas serving thereat, being for the purchase of the necessary artrcles of 0 ce toilet, and desk furniture, stationery, ice, and potable water for 0$ce use when necessary, binding, maps, technical books of reference, fessional and technical newspa rs and periodicals, payment for w ch may be made in advance, ande police utensils, to e allotted by the Secretary of War, and to be expended in the discretron _0f the commanding officers of the several military departments, districts, and tactical commands, $7,500.