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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 143. 1915. 1073 Rnounan surrnms, Qummamsma Cours: R ar su lies of R°¤¤*·¤= ¤¤ P¤¤¤» the_Quartermaster Corps, including their care andgpliotectilaiili, con- Qmmmmu sisting of stoves and heating apparatus required for heating offices hospitals, barracks and quarters, and recruiting stations, an United States barracks; also ranges stoves, coffee roasters, and appliances or cooking and serving food at posts, in the field, and w en traveling, and and maintenance of such heating and cooking appliances; authorized issues of candles and matches; for H°°*·“¢h*·°°°· furnishing heat and light for the authorized allowance of quarters for officers and enlisted men; for contract surgeons and acting dental surgeons when stationed at and occupying public quarters at military posts; for officers of the National Guard attending service and amson schools, and for recruits, guards, hospitals, storehouses, o&ces, the buildinlgs erected at private cost in the operation of the Act ’{,{_'{_§g'·*;¤g";{'“*°¤· approved ay thirty-fi1st, mneteen hundred and two; for sale to ` o cers, and including also fuel and enggie supplies required in the operation of modern atteries at establis ed posts; for post bakeries, including bake ovens and apparatus pertaining thereto, and the re air thereof; for ice machines and their maintenance where for the health comfort of the troops and for cold storage; ice for issue to orga.mzations of enlisted men and officers at such places as the Secretary of War may determine, and for preservation of stores; for the construction, operation, and maintenance of laundries at military! posts in the United States and its island possessions; for the authorized issues of laundry materials for use of general risoners confined at military posts without ay or allowances, and flir applicants for enlistment while held under observation; authorized issues of soap; for hire of employees; for the necessa? furniture, textbooks, P¤¤* •¤¤¤¤¤·¤¤¤· paper, and equipment for the post schools an libraries; for the purchase and issue of instruments, office furmture, stationery, and other authorized articles for the use of officers’ schools at the several military posts; commercial newspapers, market reports, and so forth; for the tableware and mess iuniture for kitchens and mess halls, each and all for the enlisted men, including recruits; of for e, salt, F•>¤s•·•¤¤- and vinegar for the horses, mules, oxen and other draft anad riding animals of the Quartermaster Corps at the several posts and stations and with the armies in the field, and for the horses of the several regiments of Cavalry, the batteries of Artillery and such companies of Infantry and Scouts as may be mounted; ior remounts and for the authorized number of officers’ horses, including bedding for the animals; for seeds and implements required for the raising of forage at remoimt depots and on military reservations in the Hawaiian and Philippine Islands, and for labor and expenses incident thereto; for straw for soldiers’ beddingésstationery, gypewriters and exchange of same, including blank boo and blank orms for the Quartermaster Corps, certificates for discharged soldiers,_and for printing department orders and reports, $7,661,360: Prmnded, That no part o the *I§$mmc¤°m_ appropriations for the Quartermaster Corps shall be expended on rmting unless the same shall be done at the Government Printing Bifice, or by contract after due notice and congilpetition, except in such cases as the emergency will not admit of e notice of competition, and in cases where it is impracticable to ave the necessary printing done by contract the same may! be done, with the approval of the Secretary of War, by the purc ase of material and hire of the necessary labor for the purpose. For the fiscal year end- {ge ¤¤==<=1¤i¤§¤·¤¤c· ing June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and sixteen, whenever the ice pmams. machines, steam laundries, and electric aplants shall not come in competition with ggvate enteiprise for s e to the public, and m the opinion of the retary of ar it becomes necessary to the economical use and administration of such ice machines, steam laundries, 91006°-—v0L 38-Pr l-—-68