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1074 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 143. 1915. and electric plants as have been or may hereafter be established in ursuance of law, surplus ice may be disposed of, laundry work may be done for other branches of the Government, and surplus electric light and ower may be sold on such terms and m accordance with such rpgugtions as ma be prescribed by the Secretary of War: US°°*P'°°°°dS- Provid , That the fundss received from such sales and in payment for such laundry work shall be used to defray the cost of operation of said ice, laund , and electric plants, and the sales and expenditures herein provided for shall be accounted for in accordance with the methods prescribed b law, and any sums remaining after such cost of maintenance andy operation have been defrayed shall be deposited in the Treasury to the credit of the appropriation from _ which the cost of operation of such plant is (rigid. q¤LE$Lg §?’ INCIDENTAL EXPENSES,_QUARTER;h[ASTER ars: Postage; cost of telegrams on official busmess received and sent by officers of the Army; extra pay to soldiers employed on extra duty, under the direction of the Quartermaster Corps, in the erection of barracks, quarters, and storehouses, in the construction of roads, and other constant labor for periods of not less than ten days, and as clerks for post quartermasters at military posts, and for overseers of general prisoners at posts designated by the War Department for the confinement of general prisoners, and for the United States disciplinary barracks guard; of extra-duty pay at rates to be fixed by the Secret of War for mess stewards an cooks at recruit depots, who are tdrlie graduates of the schools for bakers and cooks, and instructor cooks at the schools for bakers and cooks; for expenses of expresses to and from frontier posts and armies in the Held; of escorts to officers or agents of the Quartermaster Corps and to trains where military escorts can not be furnished· authorized office furniture; authorized issues of towels; hire of laborers in the Quartermaster Corps, including the care of officers’ mounts when the same are furnished b the Government, and the hire of inte reters, spies, or guides for the Arm ; compensation of clerks and other employees to the officers of the éuartermaster Corps, and clerks, foremen, watchmen, and organist or the United States disciplinary barraclm, and incidental expenses of recruiting; for the appro ension, seeming, and delivering of deserters, including escaped military prisoners, and the expenses incident to their pursuit, and no greater sum than $50 for each deserter or escaped military prisoner shall, in the discretion of the Secretay of War, be paid to any civil officer or citizen for such services an expenses; for a donation of $5 to each dishonorably discharged prisoner upon his release from confinement under court- H°”° °‘*’°“‘m“’“‘ martial sentence invo ving dishonorable discharge; for the following expenditures regruired for the several regiments of Cavalry, the batteries of Field tillery, and such companies of Infantry and Scouts as may be mounted, the authorized number of officers’ horses, and for the trains, to wit, hire of veterinary cons, purchase of medicines for horses and mules, picket ropes, mith s tools and materials, horseshoes and blacksmith’s tools for the Cavalry service, and for the shoeing of horses and mules; chests and issue outfits; and such additional expenditures as are necessary and authorized by law in the movements and operations of the Arm , and at military posts, _ and not expressly assigned to any other diepartment, $1,872,163: §{,°§‘g'°iMve¤w°nh Provided, That the United States militarv prison at Fort Leavenworth, §¤_cji;¤% prisgn to kr: Kansas, shaH hereafter be known as the United States disciplinary nuegaerlry mu ’ barracks and the branches of said prison as branches of such baru,§‘@‘g@‘;‘§x{_?j‘ge’§j racks: Provided further, That the authority now vested in the Secretary of War to give an honorable restoration to dut , in case the same is merited, to general %l"lSOI16l'S confined in the United States disciplinary barracks and its ranches shall be extended so that such