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SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 143. 1915. 1079 to the Army d subsequent fiscal years: Provided urther Th t S°l° °' P'°P°”Y *0 Brticlps of servip}ea§le1qu;1rtia1nnaster pgopefrgy may lmfsollfl by tll}3 gdrli cmadgs. Mmm nar ermaster enera o the Arm 0 officers 0 e Marine Corps, for their use in the public service, in the sameagyan-uner as these articles are now sold to officers of the Army. Hqgpitg]g_ CONSTRUCTION AND ummm or n0sr1TA1.s: For construction and °°”'°'°°“°¤»°*°· repair of hospitals at military posts already established and occupied, mcluding the extra-duty pay of enlisted men employed on the_same,

 iéiclpiling also alldepppenmltimestgqr :0&]S:I'é10l'»l011 agdkrepairs reg notspi-1¤gs,.¤·k.

unrea eArmyan avyosi a o prmgs ansasan ilor the construction and re(p‘air of general hospitals and expenses ’inci- rempemy sumdpnt theretg, and_ for ad `giops needed to mm tgps requirements "“'“· 0 increase gamsons an or temporary i in standing' camps and cantonments, $380,000. P fQUAncrrmsfr<>nhnosr§ns srngnnnslgifor construcffqn apd repair ,t$w“.§’£.?T° f°' °°"’°"‘ o quarters or os it stewar at `tary posts ea y establisheld arid octclppied? ingluding the extra·duty pay of enlisted men em oye on e same 12,500. gnoopmc eélnnnnms nm anions: For shelter,1 shooting gallegies, ming?}. ‘°u°°°° ranges or sm -arms target practice repairs an e nses 111G.l ent thereto, includ.i.u1g iiour or paste for taigets, hirrleeof employees, ppc}; rsiiggs ani gaélenes to bio S-penqais far gs practicable, to tl}; ation uar an organize ’ e cu un er regulations to prescribed by the Secretary of War, $45 000. my wu Comp Mamrnnnncn, Amar Wn Coumn: lfor supplyiggg the necessary fuel for hea _ the Army War College building at asliington Barracks ftdilllughting the building and grounds; for pay of a chief engineer, at $1,200 per annum; and assistant engineer, at $900; four Bremen, at $720 eac ; one elevator conductor, at $720, $10,700. Rm 0, bum Ram: or nmnnugos, Cours: For rent of buildings Di¤¢1’i¤¢ or o¤1¤mii°»i‘{' sd Pr-0* was *;..2 ”““§§”&‘T.’iiP“` poses c e n six ows: Field me§cal supply depot, $5,567.10. , Signal Corps test rooms, $2,100. Quartermaster stables, $2,700. Quartermaster stable and storehouse, $4,938. Quartermaster stable and warehouse, $3,600. Five floors for Army Medical School, $8,680. Six rooms for attending surgeon and retiring board, $1,000. Depot quartermaster office, $2,500. Garage, Quartermaster Corps, $1,500. One room (for storage purposes), Quartermaster Corps, $54. Quarters for officers, noncommissioned officers, an privates on ,,§“"‘°°”'°'°m°"'· duty path troops where no public quarters are available, $13,347.90. In $45,987. Cnauis ron namons TO Ann Loss or rmvarn rnormzrrz For set- D¤¤¤¤s¤ claims. tlement of claims for damages to and loss of private (proper? belonging 1233 citizens of the United States, Hawau, an the lulippme Is an , $2,928.86. rmnresr. nnzrnnmmxr. Memoir. Ann nosrmu. nnranmmxrz For the purchase of medical mli3'li°i° D°*’°'°’ and hospital supplies, including motor and other ambulances, their S“¥’¥’“°“·°°°· maintenancp, repair, _ and opleigtiop, aénilh disiufectants, and lphe . cha e o thewriting mac es or "tary posts, cam s, os- ]l?>i(tals:‘“§ospitalysi)hips, and transports; for expenses of med1cal)supply depots; for medical care_ and treatment not otherwise {provided or, mcluding care submstence m private hosp1tals, 0 officers, enlisted men, and civilian employees of the Army, of apphcants for enlistment, and of prisoners of war and other persons m mrhtary