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1092 srxrrsrmnn conennss. sm. 111. cs. 144. 1915. each; sixteen charwomen, at $240 each; eleven messenger boys, at $360 each; four messen er boys, at $300 each; in all, $424,150. Genargl GENERAL EXPENSES, %UREAU OF PLANT INDUSTRY: For all neces- I°v°“° K" ’°°°‘ sary expenses in the investigation of fruits, fruit trees, grain, cotton, tobacco, v etables, grasses, forzge, drug, medicina , poisonous, fiber, and ogger plants and plant in ustries, in cooperation with other branches of the department, the State experiment stations, and PMB practical farmers and for the erection of necessary farm buildings: Limitlor imuaiags. ramklcd`, That the cost of any building erected shall not exceed I'°"·*’·* · $1,500- for Held and station expenses, including fences drains, and other farm improvements for repairs in the District of (lolumbia and elsewhere; for rent outside of the District of Columbia; and for the empiloyment of all investigators, local and special agents, agricultural exlp orers, experts, clerks, jllustrators, assistants, and all abor and ot er necessary expenses m the city of Washington and elsewhere re uired for the investigations, experiments, and demonstrations he(i•éin authorized as follows·

1’1¤¤¢¤if¤¤¤¤¤¤.¤¢¤· For investigations of plant diseases and pathological collections, $34,500; <>r¢h¤rd.¤r¤¤¤s For the control of diseases of orchard and other fruits, $56,115; nwmashmbs, For the inves ation of diseases of forest and ornamental trees and shrubs, incluxug a study of the nature and habits of the parasitic fungi causing the chestnut-tree bark disease, the white—pine blister . rust, and other epidemic tree diseases, for the purpose of discovering f . neg meizlhods of <iong:r&>1léo$57,17if'»; ck f Gown. p¤¢¤t¤•¤. or the contro o ases o cotto tatoes tru cro 01'8g6 . °°°k°'°°°’°°°” cro , drug and related plants, $56,00102 P0 PS, dgéov p1¤¤¢ vlmi- [pdr investigating the physiology of crop plants and for testing and ` breeding varieties thereof, $44,540; _ n _§tg§1u!;__g¤¤¤¢¤¤¤¤ For soil-bacteriology and plantynutntion investigations, including ·r¤¤¤,m.,¤mmp1¤¤ the testing of samples, (procured in the open market, of cultures for °'°"““'°°· inoculating legumes, an if any such samp es are found to be impure, nonviable, or misbranded, the results of the tests may be published, to ther with the names of the manufacturers and of the persons by wgdm the cultures were offered for sale, $42,000; ¤°¤‘***“°Y· For soil·fertility investigations into organic causes of infertility and remedial measures, maintenance of productivity, roperties and com ition of soil humus, and the transformation and formation of soil houinus by soil organisms $32,700; ”;,*‘;’%f*§,‘Q'* “’°¥" For acclimatization and adaptation investigations of cotton, corn, c¤=¤¤¤¢¤1¤¤¤¤- and other crops introduced from tropical regions, and for the improvement of cotton by cultural met ods, breeding, and selection, $37 580* ` D"'! P"`*“”»°‘°· Fior the investigation, testing, and im(provement of plants yielding drugs, spices, poisons, oils, and relate products an by-products, and for general physiological and fermentation investigations, $48,820; F“¤P'*¤”·°°°· For crop technological and fiber plant invest' ations, $19,770; Gm *’°¤‘m°g·°‘°· For investigating the handling, grading, andg transportation of grain, and the of definite grades thereof, $72,920; m*f{gg;Y¤i°*** °¤°m*· For biophysical investigations in connection with the various lines Umm M d of Bwork hgrein autcliiorize , $25,000; I ds 1 h I °*° 8**** $· or stu ying an testing commercia see , inc uding the tesf

  • r¤s¢ii¤g°ti¤"amp1¤s,¤cc. of samples of seeds of grasses, clover, or alfalfa, an lawn-grlalsg

seeds secured in the open market, and where such samples are found to be adulterated or misbranded the results of the tests shall be published, together with the names of the persons by whom the seeds were offered for sale, $28,700; °°'°°“` For the investigation and improvement of cereals and methods of numb cereal_ production and the study of cereal diseases, and for the '°°"‘°°‘°‘ investigation of the cultivation and breeding of flax for seed pur-