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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 144. 1915. 1093 poses, including a study of flax diseases, and for the investigation and improvement of broom com and methods of broom-com production, $142 005: Provided, That not less than $40,000 shall be set {§,’Q?,Y*"{;,,,,,,,,,,, plaid? for the study of com improvement and methods of corn pro- M uc ion- For the investigation and improvement of tobacco and the methods ,,f[°°°°°° *"°°“°“°“· of tobacco production and handling, $25,000; For testing and breeding fibrous lplants, including the testing of ,,£{*"°"'“""‘*’“""· flax straw, m cooperation with the North Dakota Agricultural College, which may be used for paper making, $10,840: Promkled, {{,,?”°{';,¤,,g, md. That $5,000 of this amount mag be used in testing and breeding '”¢·•*°- iiax with a, view to increasing the quality and oil content of flaxseed, including rotation experiments and demonstrations; For the breeding and physiological study of alkali-resistant and m°`l°°° Pl°°°°` drought-resistant crops, $22,280; S bm _ For sugar-beet investigations, including studies of diseases and the ac.""` °“"°'°’ improvement of the beet and methods o culture, and to determine for each sugar-beet area the agricultural o%ations required to insure P a stable agriculture, $41,495: Pramlkd, at of this sum $10,000 p,,,au,¤,, may be used for investigations in connection with the production of tab e sirup, including the breeding, culture, and diseases of cane, and the methods of manufacture, standardization, and marketing of Slfllp, and the utilization of cane by—products; For investigations in economic and systematic botany and the °”““"“““’·°*°~ iéipigiggement and utilization of wild plants and grazing lands, For the investigption and improvement of methods of crop pro- °""“"°·°“’··°'°’°‘ duction under sub umid, semiarid, or d;g·la.ud conditions, $160,000: Provided, That the limitation in this ct as to the cost of farm §"f,"‘;gg,_ buildings shall not apply to this paragraph; AM. 1>~ 109% For investigations in connection with western irriglation agricul- m}f,*,*§_f§}§ "’°‘°”“" ture, the utilization of lands reclaimed under the rec amation Act, and other areas in the arid and semiarid regions, $70,380; _ For the investigation and improvement of fruits, and the methods p,,’;`;“{,§g’°'*“8»*“‘P‘ of fruit growing, arvesting, packintg, storing, handling, and shi ping, ' and for experimental shipments o fruits within the United gtates and to foreign countries, $105,060; _ To cultivate and care for experimental gardens and grounds d§§P_g‘g’g,'§,§g‘dS§°'· manage and maintain conservatories, greenhouses, and plant and fruit propagating houses, $11,690; For horticultural investigations, including the study of producing, ,,§§’,,'§$Qf":‘,,, ‘”‘ handling, and shipping truck and related crops, including potatoes, and the study o andscape and vegetable gardening, oiiculture, and related subjects, $56,080; For continuing the necessary imdprovements to establish and main- Ar¤ig_s{g¤,»“_Yu¤· ertain a general experiment farm an agricultural station on the Arling- wwliéli :41, p. xssf ton estate, in the State of Virginia, in accordance with the provisions of the Act of Congress approved April eighteenth, nineteen hundred, $15,000; For investi ations in forei seed and lant introduction, including F¤¤2i¢¤ =~°<! ¤¤¤ the study, co§ection, purchg, testing, giopaggtion, and distribution pmt °m°d°°m°` of rare and valuable seeds, bulbs, trees, shru , vines, cuttings, and plants from foreign countries and from our possessions, and for experiments with reference to their introduction and cultivation in this country, $70,400; For the purchase, Eropagation, testing, and distribution of new N¤w¤¤dr¤r¤¤¤¤<1¤- and rare seeds; for the mvestigation and improvement of grasses alfalfa, clover, and other forage cro , including the investigation oi the utilization of cacti and other £?y-land plants; and to conduct investigations to determine the most effective methods of eradicating