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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 144. 1915. 1099 Umatilla. National Forest, Oregon, $5,162; 4 U¤¤*i¤=¤» 0*% Umpqua National Forest, Oregon, $10,309; Umpqmr ONS- Uncompalilgre National Forest, Colorado, $6,690; U¤<>°¤¤1>¤¤8=¤» 0¤1¤~ Wallowa ational Forest, Orxon, $7,437; W¤¤¤v¤· 0*%- Wasatch National Forest, Ut , $5,050; W¤¤¤t¤¤. Utah- Washakie National Forest, Wgpming, $2,096; Washekie Ww- Washinggon National Forest, ashington, $7,909; W¤¤¤i¤z¤<>¤. Wasn Weiser ational Forest, Idaho $8,526; WM. 1d¤¤¤- Wenaha. National Forest, Washington and Oregon, $5,420; 0x;““""- W“"· “"‘* Wenatchee National Forest, Washington, $8,858; w¤¤mu¤¤,w•¤n. White River National Forest, Colorado, $7,172; Whiw River, 0010- Whitman National Forest, Oregon, $8,749; WM¤¤¤¤. or¤s- Wichita National Forest, Oklahoma, $1,966; Wi<=1=i¤.01=1¤· Wgroming National Forest, Wyoming, $7,170; Wy¤mi¤:. Ww- A ditional national forests created or to be created under section Agditivnai forms eleven of the Act of March first nineteen hundred and eleven (Thirty- lil`; " °°°°°’v°°i°° sixth Statutes, page nine hundred and sixty-three), and lands under "°‘· 36- P- ***3- contract for purchase or for the acquisition of which condemnation proceedings have been instituted for the purposes of said Act, $67,000; For necessary miscellaneous expenses incident to the general ad· admigistration of the Forest Service and of the national forests specified °°°'°”°x°°°S°‘ a ve: In National Forest District One, $64,100; In National Forest District Two, $49,800; In National Forest District Three, $56,400; In National Forest District Four, $50,400; In National Forest District Five, $72,500; In National Forest District Six, $60,700; In National Forest District Seven, $12,500; ‘ In the District of Columbia, $131,970; In all, for the use, maintenance, improvement, protection, and man. g$r§}1?$l£dad'imh·inmttr·hati¢i>n of the specified national forcftzg, $1,8§,148: r , the oregoing amounts appropriate or suc ur- P*·>_f·*>¤, · goses shallfbe avE§lablefintel1;changeab1yPi)n discrepionmofpthe prlilifriations. bh W ‘ ecreta o Agric ture or the necessary expen tures or e rotection rzirnd other unforeseen exigeneies: Provided further, Thatpthe Limitamounts so interchanged shall not exceed in the aggregate ten per eentum of all the amounts so appropriated; For the selection, classification, and segregation of lands within ( ¤<;`1wr¤s;:aw·h¥'er¤?¤= the boundaries of national forests that may be opened to homestead °' °°"" ° °°` settlement and entry under the homestead laws applicable to the national forests, $100,000; sum ( i For the survey and plattingbof certain lands, chiefly valuable for .mm.-.;’;;,¤°°§§i° °°` agriculture, now listed or to e listed within the national forests, pndexil gm act of June eleientgé ginegzerguhtundlrpd )and 3ixh(T§1irty; V¤1·=’»4.r-233- ourt tatutes, a etwo un e an t y-t ee,an the cto March third, eiglgtein hundred and ninety-nine (Thirtieth Statutes, §$»,§·§§_5‘ page gen hundrecian<(§rnii11ety;ifiv{1¢;g.i as provided by) tgiveid Apt {{1 March ’ ' ourt , nineteen un e an theen, $85 000: r , at any ,, · dud _ unexpended balance of an appropriation of $85,000 to be expended ¤¤§¤m?¤li?§g¢- W "for the survey and latting of certain lands, chief! valua le for ’p' ` agriculture/’ and so fhrth, provided b the Act of lane thirtieth, nineteen hundred and fourteen, entitled, "An Act making appro ri— ations for the Department of A 'culture for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundredrhnd fifteen," be, and the same is hereby, continued and made available for and during the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and sixteen, for the purpose of this aplpropnaticn; _ Emergencies, mb For iig ting and preventing forest nres and for other unforeseen mg¤,,,,_,w_ emergencies, $150,000;