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1100 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 144.‘ 1915. B"PP“°’·°*°· For the purchase and maintenance of necessary field, office, and .. laboratory supplies, instruments, and equipments, $152,000· d,Qg;§_¢:}$g¢é“;2_%1 For investigations of methods for wood distillation and for the ucta, em. ’ preservative treatment of timber, for timber testing, and the testing of such woods as may require test to ascertain they be suitable for malnng paper, for investigations and tests wrthm the United States of foreign woods of commercial importance to industries in the United tates, and for otherfinvestigations and experiments to prommm m‘i—t1?r°‘Zf’€,‘§Ln““*’ml‘2.t?$° §iiv.§§.’%§§3Z“§¥S’rfl§2’°$atiOm within national orests or elsewhere on_ e public range, and of methods for rrxggrsswngotggormge by reseedmg, regulatron of grazing, and other m S '1‘r••p¤¤¤¢i¤¢· •w- For the purchase of tr·ee seed, cones, and nursery stock, for seeding and tree p anting within national forests, and for experiments an mvestrgatrons necessary for such seeding and tree planting, $165 ,640; mudygstgmwtdfms For silvicultural, dendrologrcal, and other experiments and inves-- ’ tigations independently or in cooperation with other branches of the Federal Government, with States with individuals, to determine the best methods for the conservative management of forests and Timwah M x_ forest lands, $$3,728; _ _ _ purses. ’ ’ For estimating and appraising timber and other resources on thenational forests preliminary to disposal by sale or to the issue of oppupancy perrn)10t(e, and for emergency expenses incident to their s e or use $60, · mll§l»l°$1%:§»l€%§$i _For_ other miscellaneous forest investigations, and for collating, digesting, recording, illustrating, and drstrrbuting the results of the Pmmwtmprovk experiments and mvestrgatrons erem provided for, $40,160; mms. or the construction and maintenance of roads, trails, bridges, fire lanes, teleplhone lines, cabins, fences, other improvements necessary for the proper and economical administration, protection, ,{*é•*;*,gim¤mmvd_ and development of the nationalforestsil$400,000: Provided, That nomgtxpeaas. part of the money herem appropriated s all be used to pay the trans- £gI1i:ti$:v§1iut§i»i¤6iLii§1§;Sg6i11l;id§iiil¤iZr;ii$ili1i°tl¤g1r*i>ig§i§ei·(i?1I;:' Mmm M - and in_ furtherance of the works, aims, and objects xcified and ds, M P°’*°*“ authorized m and by this appropriation: And provided 0, That no part of tlus_ ap ro mation shall lmpaid or used for the purpose of paying for, m w 0 e or m part, the publication of any newspaper or magazine article, but t shall not prevent the givin out to_all persons without discrimination, incluqliiifg newspaper ‘n}ag;lzl;netgvrtif§rieue)n1;l: publishers, of any facts or _ eral mformatron _ In all for eneral expenses, $3,217 676. . ,¤ ‘j“,,‘},‘_“°" To enable tie Secretary of Agricultiire more effectively to c out- _;*1¤_;nc¤¤=¤¤¤¢ employ- the provisions of the Act of March first, nineteen h ed and eleven va.éa,p.e¤1. glinrty-sixth Statutes, page nine lumdred and sixty e), entitled emaA?r?a€§%il°U“{£”§E°t§2 ‘%°°‘li"”° Ei- ”‘“"f°“ ’ SET, °¥ _ , m a or e ro ron w navigable streams, and to appoint a comlrliission forotheaaceuigitidh of lands for the pu%ose of conserving the navigability of na able rrvers," $15,000 of the moneys a propriated therein shall be avXi§able for the employment of agients, clerks, assistants, and other labor and U M, ,__ fastsrzzcizsiasispsfs;s:;:**,aPm€¤* umd fs the ewes K Q, • anritimber by irevy. That hereafter the Seeretary o Agriculture, under regulations to IS; prescribed bykhrm, is hereby authorized to permit the Navy _ ewartment to ta e from the national forests such earth stone, and trm _ rj gzutgz gnsethof the Navy as may be compatible with the e national orests for the purposes for which