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1102 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 144. 1915. outside of the Districlt of Columlrisri for carrying out the investigations d khrein ut orize as cows: Geuml ¤¤1:j§;¢~¤· §mFc:ii(::1ondr(-ictingllthe investigations contemplated by the Act of May v°L 12’p` fifteenth, eighteen hunldred and sixty-two, relating to the apphcation f chemist to agric ture $42,400; 0ol1_=;b¤r¤ti¤¤ tsvggl O For collghoration with other departments of the Government de- °u’°r °°°m°°° ’ siring chemical investigations and whose heads request the Secretary of Agriculture for such assistance, and for other miscellaneous work, $14 000; E¤¤¤¤i¤i¤8 f¤*¤*¤¤ lilo ves af the character of the chemical and physical tests mw °f f°°d pr°d°m' which allie aripliemllli American food products in foreign countries, and for ins ting the same before shi ment when desire by the shi pers or owners of these products mten ed for countries where chemrca and physical tests are required before the said products are allowed to be gymeht M. sold therein: Providegl, That hereafter no certificate of results of any mm givin. such inspection shall rssue unless the owner or his agent shall first pay to the Secretagtof Agriculture, at a price to be determined and established lay the retary, the actual cost of the inspection, the money reoleive to be depositerl tlxilei Treasury of the United States as misce aneous receipts; an or necess in connection 'th such inspection and studies of methodsa;¥ foreign countrlirles, $4 280; ,,,,,,*"¥‘;“",,,,,“”" W"' l3‘or inves a the preparation for market handling, gradin packing, fr , storing, transportation: and preservation gf . poultry and eggs, and for experimental shipments of pool? and eggs within the United States, m cooperation the Omce of arkets and - Rulral nhndhthe Bureau lndustry, $401,000; rsh mvsugsam. or mves rga e andhng, gra g ackmg, canning , storing, and transportation of fish, and for Experimental shrpgeeglglgf Esh, for tl1gut&l1$ait¢ro(n0(c;f waste products, and the development of new sources o oo , , ; Shipping oysters, For investi af the packing, handlmg` ste d shi f °t°‘ oysters tnlnd Io§rer·?§ in the United States a1ri:i%h:I;vateri1)bol1i·l§le(f·- i on e United States $5 000· S,:u‘°l¤°§*,<:;',g:¤u·g¤g§Y· nlior the biological investigation of food and products and substances used rn the manufacture thereof, mcluding mvestigations of glo) (ptlroysrologrcal effects of such products on the human organism, mggrrusrnzirs by-pme flier the; stutcslyssnrd improvement of methods of utilizing by-products ’ o citrus ru.1 0 000· In all, for general expenses, $139,680. ctl_’ur¢fo0d1¤sp~¢tiJ¤. Eruroncrzunnr or rim mon arm mnues Aer: For enablingurhe Seev¤1.a4,p.7ss. rietary of gnny mto etflect the proglislolrrsglelr t f Act of rme 16 mne n un an srx ft t venting the rrianufacture, sale, or trans , rclzlation of adultliaralgdyrgr rnrsbranded, or poisonous, or deleterious lfgods, drugs, medicines, and liquors, and for regulating traffic therern, for other purposes ," in the crty of Washington and elsewhere, rncluding chemical apparatus, chemicals supplies, repairs to apparatus, gas, electric current, oHic1al_travelrng expenses telegraph and telephone service, express and freight charges, and all other expenses, employing such assistants, clerks and other (persons as_ may be consrdere necessary for the purmglgzimur Puma.- poses named, an rent outside of the District of Columbia; and to cooperate with associations and scientific societies rn the revision of the _mted States Pharmacopeera and development of methods of analy- sis, $635,161. Total for Bureau of Chemistry, $1,066,381.