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1110 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 144. 1915. e sixt -three) and the Acts amendatory of and supplementary P“°°#°‘°· lihageto, gud cha.i·ge for the same a price covering_ the additional expenses involved in the prelparation of these copies, the money iéeceived from such sales to be eposited m the Treasury of the United tates as miscellaneous recei ts. ,,,·},,§‘,,'{,',§§.f,}, ‘°*§;",,‘{_‘ That hereafter there be preiiared by the Department of Agriculture ¤¤¤¤;¤¤=¤¤¤g ¤¤¤p¤¤— an annual report on the wor and expenditures of the agricultural t°1$,,;°Ev(;; gd, experiment stations established under the Act of Congress of March ’ second, eighteen hundred and eighty-seven (Twenty-fourth Statutes at L e, page four hundred and Iorty), on the work and expenditures of th;rI)epartment of A.griculture in connection therewith, and on the cooperative `cultm· extension work and expenditures of the De artment ii§lAgriculture and of agricultural colleges imder the Act

  • ‘-""»P·m· of Kia eighth, nineteen hundred and fourteen, entitled "An Act to

provid; for cooperative agricultural extension work between the agricultural colleges in the several States receiving the benefits of an Act of Congress approved July second, eighteen undred and sixty- two, and of Acts sup lementary thereto, and the United States rar md asm ‘ ui) -" d ‘ mumm · Department of Agric ture, an that there be printed annually §tg.ifQ°h?“$“2'td °°§’°?5£fs“?.i2P`l£Z’a‘ii.3“..]§'°}i1‘L'3§’.iZl§‘}“$“t'ifi °°"‘°? e o e us o e a , an o e use o the House of Representatives, and five thousand copies for the use of the Department of Agriculture. · Total for States Relations Service, $2,821,840. rama nam me {0*;** E¤8*¤·¤¤¤& Of- OFFICE OF PUBLIC ROADS AND RURAL ENGINEERING. dig egg ¤i¤¤¤¢¤r. SALAnrms, Ormom or PUBLIC ROADS AND RURAL Euemnnnmoz ’ One director, who shall be a scientist and have charge of all scientific and technical work, $4,500; one draftsman, $1,920; one chief clerk, $$,900 twp glerks, class fo1u·;lfol;1r clerks, class tlgree; one clerk or e `tori cer , $1,600; one cer , $1,500; one cerk, $1,440; two clerks or instrument makers, at $1,440 each; one clerk or tabulator, $1,440; two clerks, class two; one clerk, $1,380· two clerks, at $1,320 each; four clerks, at $1,260 each; five clerks, class one; one clerk or editorial clerk, $1,200; one clerk or draftsman, $1,200; one clerk or draftsman, $900; one clerk or photographer, $1 ,200· one clerk or photographer, $1,000; two clerks, at $1,140 each; two clerks, at $1,080 each; one clerk, $1 020; seven clerks, at $1,000 each; three clerks, at $90;) lpach; on; glerk or instrument maker, pltf)00; one messen er or a oratory e er, $840; two messen ers, a rers, or giboratgaijy helpersl;1 ba)t $720 peach; one mebssenger gr laborer, $660; ve messengers, rers, or messen er oys, at $600 each; five laborers, messengerhboys, HP charwonigen, at $480 each; three charwomen, at $240 eac ; in a , $75,960. °“*°¤*‘¤P°°*'°· GENERAL nxrmxsns, Ormcr: or PUsL1c ROADS AND RURAL EN- omnnnme: For salaries and the emplegment of labor in the city of Washington and elsewhere, supplies, office fixtures, apparatus, traveling and other necessary expenses, for conducting mvestigations and experiments, and for collating, reporting, and 1llustraf the results of same, and for preparing, pubhshmg, and distributingmgulle- £r¤·>¢s¤· on on my tins and rpports, as follows: Promdcd, That no part of these appropricum¤y,¤¤¢. ations sh be expended for the rent or purchase of road-making machinery, except such as may be necessary for Held experiment work as hereinafiler provided for: Rwimanacument For inquiries in regard to systems of road management throughout the United States and for giving expert advice on this su ject, $42,600; R<>¤<¤—¤¤¤¤¤c mm- For investi ations of the best methods of road makmg' , es iall ~‘°’°°° ordinary saudg-clay and dirt roads, and the best kinds of