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1112 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 144. 1915. inuconducting investigations, experiments, and demonstrations, as fo 0ws: _Di¤¤=i¤¢ i¤f¤¤¤¤· For ac u1rrngf and diifus` amo the eople of the United States §{°§},iiesi?€i'Z.p"d°°t°’ useful information on subligzts corérecteg with the marketing and distributing of farm and nonmanufactured food products and the purchasing of farm sup lies, independently and in cooperation with other branches of the department, State agencies, purchasing and consuming organizations, and Persons engaged in the transportation, marketing, and distributing o farm and food products, $238,000; C<2*¤¤¤ ¤*·¤¤d¤·¤i¤· For the investigation and demonstration of standards for the °°°mg’°°°' different grades, qualities, and conditions of cotton, and for investigating the ginning, grading, stapling, baling, marldng, compressing, {gg; Spinning and tare of cotton, $55,480:.PrmnZded, That of the sum thus approvanuaetc. priated $30,000 may be used for testing the waste, tensile strength and bleaching qualities of the diiferent grades and classes of cotton m ‘ ordlef to tdeterirlmne their spinning value and for demonstrating the res ts 0 suc tests; studies or rmi To enable the Secretaay of Agriculture to make studies of coopera- °'$",{°§,‘f°{m_ tion among farmers in e United States in matters of rural credits _ ‘ and of other forms of coo ation in rural communities; to diffuse amo the people of the States useful information growing out (Ii? these studies, in order to provide a basis for a broader utilization of results secured by the research, experimental, and demonstration work of the Department of Agriculture, agricultural colleges, and State e riment stations, $35,920 ; M¤¤¤¤¤‘¤¤”* ¤· For generlfalle administrative expenses in connection with the lines. °°°m` of invest§ation, experiment, and demonstration conducted in the Oiiice of arkets and Rural Organization, $23,250; In all, for general expenses, $352,650. <]g*»¤-f¤¢¤;;¤¤_1·:—,g)*r;>_ Enroncnunm: or rim Uxrrnn Srrirrns CO'.l'.l'ON—FU'l"URES Ac·r: To mg. enable the Secretary of Agriculture to carry into effect the provisions.

  • ""‘·P·°“· of the Act appgoved August eighteenth, mneteen hundred and fourteen (`Public, umbered One hundred and seventy-four, Sixty-third

Congress), entitled "An Act to tax the privilege of dealing on exchanges, boards of trade, and similar tptlaces in contracts o sale of cotton for future delivery, and for o er purposes," including all expenses necessary for the purchase of ecgurpment and supplies; for travel; for the emplo ent of persons in the city of Washington and elsewhere; and for agllither expenses, including rent outsi e of the District pilggilxmbia, that may be necessary in executing the provisions o ct, $75,000. Total for Office of Markets and Rural Organization, $484,050. 1¤¤¤¤me¤•N¤ ¤x>- _And not to exceed ten per centum of the oregoing amounts for the °°°°°"°° ° miscellaneous expenses o the work of any bureau, division, or office herein provided for shall be available interchangeably for expenditures on the objects included within the genera expenses o such mum, bureau, division, or office, but no more than ten per centum shall be. added to any one item of appropriation except in cases of extraordi- ’ npmriplrigency, and then only upon the written order of the Secretary o c ture. Total, Department of Agriculture, for routine and ordinary work, $19,936,382 "*°°°“’°°°°¤· M US.

¤°.?¤:hI Euroncrzmmrr or mn msncrrcmn Aer: To enable the Secretary

mg °"* of Agriculture to carry into effect the provisions of the Act of April °’·”·P·3‘”· twenty-sixth, mneteen hundred and ten, entitled "An Act for reventing the manufacture, sale, or transportation of adulterated) or misbranded Paris greens, lead arsenates, and other insecticides, and also fungrcrdes, an for regulating traffic therein, and for other pur-