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1120 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 145. 1915. TRANSPORTING REMAINS or DIPLOMLATIG OFFICERS, coNsULs, AND coNsULAn ASSISTANTS T0 THEIR HOMES Fon INTEBMENT. B¤¤8*¤= h°¤° *°· For defrayrng` the ex enses of trans of the remains of di lom°mS°i°m°m' matic and consular oihdiers of the Unitliail Sltgtes, including consiilar assistants, who have died or may die abroad or in transit, while in the discharge of their official duties, to their former homes in this country for interment, and for the ordinary and necessary expenses of such interment, at their post or at home, $5,000. INTERNATIONAL BUREAU OF wErGrrrs AND MEASURES. m{g_f,g§*;;°§g{lyS*;;,{ Contribution to the maintenance of the International Bureau of Hmm. Weights and Measures, in conformity with the terms of the conven- V°L 2°’°'m‘ tion of May twenty-fourth, eighteen hundred and seven?-five, the same to be paid, under the direction of the Secretary o State, to said bureau on its certidcate of apportionment, $2,895. INTERNATIONAL BUREAU Fon PUBLICATION or cUs•r0Ms *rA1um¤·s. International T _ ' 0,,,,,,,,, T B,,_ o meet the share of the United States m the annual ense for ¤·g,¤6,_2S P the year ending March thirty—iirst, nineteen hrmdred andegrxteen, of ’ sustaining the international bureau at Brussels for the translation _an¢Lpublication of customs tariffs, this appropriation to be immedia y available, pursuant to convention proclaimed December seventeenth, eighteen hundred and ninety, $1,500. INTERNATIONAL BOUNDARY COMMISSION. UNITED STATES AND Mmxrco. B§,,‘§,§§,§.“@§,§,°,;‘,§l To enable the commission to continue its work under the treaties =*ghMI¤*i¤¤¤·°,w°rk_ of eighteen hundred and eighty-four, eighteen hundred and eighty- vei. 24,p. 1011;Vol. nine, and nineteen hundred an five, $14,000: Provided, That $8,000 °°;J};,,,’?,}f· thereof is made immediately available to resume and continue the W¤*¤¤d¤=¤b¤¤¤¤· work relatin to the distribution of water, under the direction of the Secretary ofg State, and as authorized by and in pursuance to the rotocol of May sixth, eighteen hundred and ninety-six, between the Ilnited States and Mexico, and to enable the water commissioner to study the uestions connected with the equitable distribution of the Pm for waters of the Rio Grande River between the citizens of the United preserving . . . . boundary u¤e,ew.,ze Statw and Mexico, and to make an mvestrgatron, under the super- °°’“°‘”“""· vision of the Secretary of State, as to the best and most feasible method of preserving the boundary line between the United States and Mexico by reventing the flood waters of the Rio Grande and its tributaries where the said Rio Grande constitutes said boundary line from disturb' and changin the channel, and also the best and most feasible mbldi of impounc§rng, regulating, and utilizing said waters in such manner as to secure to each country and its inhabitants their legal and equitable rights and interests in said waters, and to report in detail plans, findings, and conclusions to Congress not later than December tenth, nineteen hundred and fifteen. BOUNDA1zY LINE. ALASKA AND CANADA, AND THE UNITED STATES AND cANADA. m?r°o`iii:·iZI Mm To enable the Secretary of State to mark the boundary and make the surveys incidental thereto between the Territory of Alaska and the Dominion of Canada, in conformity with the award of the Alaskan Boundary Tribunal and existing treaties, including employment at the seat of government of suc sruyeyors, computers, draftsmen, vu 3,_p_ ML and clerks as are necessary; and for the more eiective demarcation and mapping, pursuant to the treaty of April eleventh, mneteen