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six·rY.*rr111zD comnnss sms. 111. cs. 145. 1915. 1123 presciibirtghfrhe jurisdiction thereof/’ and vested by the diplomatic and cons appropriation Act alplproved March second nineteen hundred and nine, in the vice cons general of the United States to be designated from time to time by the Secretary of State, shall subsequent to the approval of this Act be vested in and exercised by a vice consul of the nited States at Shanghai, China. INTERNATIONAL orrrcn or runuc HEALTH. For the pagment of the quota of the United States for the year .,,I§§Y,‘§.?°§°§1°'¤,?“” nineteen him ed and fifteen toward the support of the International §&§§;¤l;- Oflice of Public Health, created by the intemational arrangement ` signed at Rome, December ninth, nineteen hundred and seven, in gursuance of article one hundred and eight -0ne of the International anitarv Convention signed at Paris on December third, nineteen hundred and three, $3,015.62. mrnnuarrornu. smsuonooicn. associyrroiw. For defraying the necessary expenses in fuliillmg` the obligationsof ',,,",,,,,°°"‘“,,,,,‘§°,,,,,,,,,,,""' “* the United States as a member of the Intemational Seismological m um Association, including the annual contribution to the expenses o the association, $800. annrrmrrion or oursrannme rncnmaizr cnams nnrwmm run ,,£,{,{§;**;,{·` mvrrmn srarms AND cnnar mzrram. bivstion. For the expenses of the arbitration of outstanding pecuniary E§ff°“‘°“; claims between the United States and Great Biitain, in accordance V up lm with the s ecia.l agreement concluded for that August eighteenth ningteen hundred and ten and the schelii of claims the , iiles ereuniielxi, to be expended under the ’direction of the Secretary of State, as o ows: Salaries, United States agency: One coimsel and joint secretary, at ,,§,’§,*‘§ ““"‘°' "" $2,750 per annum; stenographer, at $1,200 per annum; _ Expenses, United States agency: Necessary and contingent expepsesh$200; rent of rooms, $600; n a $4,750. Pnaciiz Panacn ar Tm: Hamm: For the payment of the contribu— Hfggf *’•‘*¤• •* '¤`¤• tion on the part of the United States toward the expenses of the Palace of Peace at The Hague, $1,045.25, or so much thereof as may be necessary. Ixrsauauoiua naniomnscaamrc coiwmrrrcuz For the share of ,,},‘;,,,“',‘§,‘,§,‘°‘(§',},{‘:‘§‘,§’; the United States for the calendar year nineteen hundred and sixteen, ¢*<g;¤6, 3., P mo as a party to the international radioteleigraphic conventions heretofore ’ ' signed, of the expenses of the radiote egraphic service of the International Bureau of the Telegraphic Union at Berne, Switzerland, $1,000. _ F rsrrmzms couvmrrxon, Uurmn Srrarms AND Gnnatr Bnrnm: For C,,9,‘§f;y"§,,“,,_ ""*"" the playment of the actual and necessary expenses of a commissioner V¤L<’—5· ¤·¤¤¤¤- on the part of the United States under the convention between the United States and Great Britain conceming_the iishéries in waters contiguous to the United States and the Dominion of Canada, signed at Washington on April eleventh, nineteen hundred and eight, while engaged in work under the convention, mcluding clerical expenses that may be incurred in_carry1ng out the convention during the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and sixteen, $1,500, or so much thereof as may be necessary.