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SIXTY—THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 145. 1915. 1125 ALLOWANCE ron CLERK num AT UNrrEn STATES CONSULATEB. · _Allowance for clerk hire at consulates, to be expended under the "‘°'*·‘ “‘°°'”’“‘*“'· direction of the Secretary of State, $493,000. sALA1au;Es OF m·rEm>:aE·rE11s ·r0 c0NsuLAtrEs IN CHINA, orr0sEN, JAPAN, AND BIBEBIA. " Interpreters to be employed at consulates in China, Chosen, Japan, ,,,,{§§*"°‘°'“ “‘ °“" and Siberia, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of State $48,700. EXPENSES or INTERPRETEBS, eUAm>s, AND so Forrrn, IN ronmsrr noumroivs, AND so mam. Interpreters and guards at the consulates in the Turkish domin- °,j¤°*P*•*¤·¤¤•¤l•· ions, Persia., Morocco, northern Africa, and at Zanzibar, to be ex- ` pended under the direction of the Secretary of State, $30,000. sAr.AmEs or 1¢A1zsnALs rox OONSULAR oomrrs. Marshals for the consular courts in China, Chosen, and Turkey, "°"'“"‘ $11,000. _ . EXPENSES or PBISONS mn AuEmoAN CONVICTS. °°"`°‘"’"’°"" Actual expense of renting a prison at Shanghai for American con- °h""b“* victs in China, $1,200; for contingent expenses, $1,800; for the wages of a keeper of such prison, $1,200; and or the wages of an assistant keppero such tprison, $800 ; $5,000. K _ aying for e keeping and feedingfgf prisoners in China, Chosen, P;P;""°“”°' Siam, and Turkey, $9,000: Provided, at no more than 50 cents per inseam; day for the keeping and feeding of each prisoner while actually confined shall be al owed or paid for any such keepigi and feeding. This is not to be understood as covering cost of m cal attendance and medicines when required by such prisoners. Rm M Rent of prison for American convicts in Smyrna, Turkey, and for ’ ’ ’ wa§es of keepers of the same, $1,000. _ ent of prison for American convicts in Constantmople, Turkey, and for wages of keepers of the same, $1,000. Kwm C] Wages o prison keepers in Chosen, $600. ’ ' Total, $16,600. RELIEF AND PROTECTION or AMEruoAN BEAHEN. Relief and protection of American seamen in foreign countries, and ”§‘,,,°“,;_‘ °‘ ·‘““°'“‘“ shipwrecked American seamen in the Territory o Alaska, in the Hawaiian Islands, Porto Rico, the Panama Canal Zone, and the Philippine Islands, $20,000. FOREIGN HOSPITAL AT 0ArE rrowrr. ` Annual contribution toward the support of the Somerset Hospital (,,1;,,°'?§§";,,,_ "°‘*‘“· (a foreign hospital), at Cape Town, $50, to be paid by the Secretary of State upon the assurance that suffering seamen an_ citizens of the United States will be admitted to the privileges of said hospital. CONTINGENT EXPENSES, mvrrnn STATES coNsUr.A·rEs. Expenses of providing all such stationery, blanks, record and other ¢¤r>¤¤¤¤¤. books, seals, resses, flags, signs, rent (allowance for rent not to exceed ' in an case iihirty per centum of the officer’s salary), repairs consular huildings owned by the United States, postage, furmture, including typewriters and exchange of same, statistics, newspapers, freight