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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. CII. 145. 1915. 1127 r·rr•rmEN·r·Ir INTERNATIONAL cormnmss AGAINST Ancorxomsu. §,° },,c(% The appropriation of $40,000 "For the purpose of defraying the B°°P¥"°P'*°“°° expenses mcrdent to the Fifteenth International Congress Against Alcoholism, to be held in the United States in nineteen hundred and fifteen, to be expended under such rules and regulations as the Secretary of State may presc1ibe," made in the "Act making appropria- ·*'•“·P·‘·"*· tions for the Diplomatic and Consular Service for the fiscal year endin June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and fifteen/’ is hereby extended and made available for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and sixteen. The Secretary of tate is hereby authorized ,°},”d‘J,_'°*'°°“ °°.‘°°‘¤‘ and requested to extend an invitation to the Governments of the world with which we maintain diplomatic relations to participate in and appoint delegates to said congress: Provided, That an itemized §Q,°":Z't., ;;,,,,gmS_ account of all expenditures shall be reported to Co ess. ‘ _ That the President of the United States be, and]?-e is hereby, au- K"? thorized and requested to invite the several Governments of the m{'_;‘;,”°"°¤ '°°"°°*· Republics of Mexico, Central and South America, Haiti, and Santo ` Domingo and Cuba, to send official delegates to the meeting of the Pan American Medical Congess, to be held in the city of San Francisco, California, Panama- acific Intemational Extposition, June seventeenth, eighteenth, nineteenth, twentieth an twenty-first, nineteen hundred and fifteen, $10,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary, to be immediately available and to be for the entertainment of the foreign delegates. rN·rEnNA·rroNAL ENGINEERING CONGRESS. ¤_I;,:¤gg¤;é••;_}S§¤¤— The President is hereby authorized to extend invitations to other wg·,Y•{,¢¤¢i¤¤=¢¤**¤¤¤e nations to ap(E1int delegates or representatives to the International ` Engineering ngress to be held at San Francisco, California, September twentieth to twenty-fifth, inclusive nineteen hundred and PWM fifteen: Prwided, That no appropriation for the Ntapptopmaou. expenses of delegates or for other expemes in in connection with the said congress. EXPOSITION IN crrr or 1·ANAuA. P°”°'“° E¤P‘*"“°'* That the President be, and he is hereby authorized to acce t an *§°°°P““'°° °‘ ‘°"'· invitation extended by the Government of Panama to the Golirern- mm mhomoi ment of the United States to participate in an exposition to be held Pm in the city of Panama; and the sum of_$25,000 be, and the same is ;,.y,R,‘L'22T"°“ °' °" hereby, appropriated, out of any money 'III the Treasury not otherwise a propriated, to enable suitab e participation m sa.1 exposition by this country, for an appropriate exhibit of the arts, industries, manufactures, products of the soil, mines and waters of the United States, and, as far as practicable, of the functions of the General Government, and an exhibit of such other articles as the President may direct, including an exhibit relating to the Panama Canal. coNrExENoE or AMERICAN I·rNANcIn1zs. ,,§°b‘{f§§°,“,§?°'Am°“‘ The President is hereby authorized to extend to the Governments m},“‘§°§,§§,°Q‘u§§ ‘}‘,§‘°{,‘g of Central and South America an invitation to be re resented by their fevfmm M- ministers of finance and leading bankers, not exceeding three in number in each case, to attend a conference with the Secretary of the Treasury in the city of Washington at such date as shall be determined by the President, with a view of establishing closer and more °*"°°‘s*°“* satisfactory Hnancial relations between their countries and the United States of America, and authority is hereby given to the Secretary of