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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 146. 1915. 1133 powder, fuse, iron, steel, tools machinery, mantels, and other similar materials, renewing roofs, and for gay of architect overseer and citizgn mechanicls, ain laibor mpggye upon repairs and improvements t atcannot e one ye 't men $40000; For fuel and apparatus, namely:,Coal, wood, charcoal, stoves, F¤¤W¢¤¤¤=·¤*¤· grates, heaters, furnaces, ranges and fixtures, fire bricks, clay, sand, and for iepairs of steam-gieating and goal-conveying apparatus, grates, stoves, eaters, ranges, urnaces, an mica, $45,000; For pipes, gas and electric fixtures, electric lamps, telephone and hg tgngl supphesélamp-posts, gasometers and retorts, and annual re airso thesame, 6,500; Iilior fuel for cad1ets3 mess hall, shops, and laundry, $10,000; p§¤ii°.°°‘° md °°l°` or ostage an te ams $375; S¤·¤¤¤¤ry- For Stationery, namegr, blank books, a r envelopes, uills, steel Y , _ P P6 » Q1

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ers, es, es , wri rs, mg supp es ofrice furniture, penholders, tape, dgsok knives, letting pads and rubber bands, and for contingencies not otherwise provided for, $2,500· For ltransportation of materials discharged cadets, and for ferri· “"°"’P°"°“°"- ages; for hire of camp sites for cadets on practice marches, for transportation of first class of cadets to and from Gettysburg battle field, or transportation of first and second class to and from Watervliet Arsenal and Sandy Hook Proving Ground or other Ordnance establishment, including a visit to a steel mill, and for expenses of officers detisiledaiiloulapcompany cadets on these trips, $1,800 to be immediate y av e $6,000; Printing: For printing and binding, type, materials for office, *"“‘“'*· including repairs to motors and machmery, diplomas for graduates, · amgual registers, blank, and monthly reports to parents of cadets, an contingencies, $2 000; For de artment of cav artille and infantry `tactics! Tan D°P°'%“‘°“° °‘°"‘ bark or oliher proper coveglgi ridingrhall, to be purchased in open md ml maipket upon wriltgten order 0; tl; superint‘tprndent:i$1,200; to m stoo,cam au office urm can repairs same; for ?llodiiiag)ts for cadet Earracks, sinks, and cadet headquarters; for stationery, typewriting suptplies and repairs, for use of instructor and assistant instructors o tactics; for books and matps, binding books, and mounting maps; for plumes silk and worste sashes for cadet officers and acting officers; for furniture, curtains, and rugs fofiveadtcit reception poeaxlpl, $1,7 50; d $500 ee o a etic groun s ; Ggxinnsfsiiilin aliid athletic supplies: For repairs,_ new machines, athletic supphes, and fixtures for gymnas1um· or foils, masks, belts, fencing ggives, fencing jaclgerts, gaiters, saliexg, and Eepairs; for re a rovements to essing rooms, p a orm, an swimming taiil<1§3:¢l)00xlD¥’rwided, That the accountin§1of1icers of the Treasury {mvm I M Cm are hereby authorized and directed to ow and credit in the am, of ‘ ' accounts of Lieutenant Colonel J. M. Carson, junior, Deputy Quar- °'°‘“"““"°°““"· termaster General United States Army (now colonel, Quartermaster Corps), the sum of $1,975 disallowed on vouchers 7A and SA of his money accounts for the mclzngh of lga5;;0ni1;1Set;enhh1'E`ndred and nine, d tding' a't'onteootereas; m1Fo1i·O1l;;a§ to sgddlldej, bridles, lpurchase of leather, cuulrb chains, bits, stirru s, and so forth, and to eep the same in repair, $250; For purchase of carbons and for repairs and maintenance of searchlight for Coast Artille t practice and for miscellaneous expenses connected with Coast ery fire-control stations, $125; For repair of mattresses, machines, and for replacing worn-out articles in gymnasium of Cavalry barracks, $100: