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1134 SIXTY—THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 146. 1915. For riding hall: Providing material for hurdles, and upkeep of wings, head posts, and so forth, installing apparatus for running at rings; purchase of a disk harrow for keeping footing m condition; repairing and maintaining electric lights andproviding reflectors for same; installinlg a power pllipping machine m ridmg- all stables for animals stable at riding h , $615; For repair of obstacles on mounted drill groimd and for constructing other obstacles for use in moimted mstruction of cadets and for completing the track—connecting obstacles, $250; For gener repairs to cadet camp, including camp dgrounds, repairs “’dt°“°f§’$3£"1’m€a*’““$%t,ih°“?uE§f?t1°3€¤“ °’g'°““d '“”k"’ an so , o 1mm y av , , ; Fpglane hundred new tent floors for cadet camp, to be immediately avai e, $1,500; For the purchase of thread, wax, needles for new blades, sh ' old blades, and splare parts and accessories for power cEp ing machines and sad er’s sewing machines in cavalry and stables, $150; _ For repairs to mattrewes machmes, and for replacing worn-out articles in the drill hall and gymnasium of artillery barracks, and for miscellaneous expenses connected therewith, _$100; _ For repair of mattresses, machmes, and replacing wom·out articles mthedrillhall andgymnasiumpertammgtoengmeerbairacks, and for miscellaneous expenses conneetegltherewith, $100; u $j;*{ For department of civil and military engineerin§;aFor models, mz. maE, purchase and repair of instruments, apparatus, wing boards, des , chairs, shelves, and cases for books and instruments, textboplks, books of regarexaze, and stationery for the use of instructors, an contingencies, 1 2 ; ,,,§{ °;,‘j,g’,§,,'{°,,§,· _ For department of natural and egrperimental philosophy; Addipmresophy. tions to apparatus to illustrate the principles of mechanics, acoustim, optics, an astronomy; books of reference, scientific periodicals, textbooks, stationery, materials, and repairs; and for repairs to the observatoryt bplpldings and _ gt; Scslgcks, and for contingent ex uses no o erwise rovi or, , · ,,,f’,§’{g‘§F‘“°“’°°'“‘°"" lihr department of ingtruction in mathematics: Textbooks, books of reference, binding, and stationery; for tables of lcgrithms; for rulers and triangles; for purchase of geometrical wings and models; for cases for geometrical models; for desks, chairs, book- D cases, and office iittin§; and for contingencies, $725; ,,b,,§§€,§f;P,§,2f,,,g';f For department of c emistry, mineralogy, and geology: Chemicals, •¤° ¤°°*°¤>’· chemical apparatus, and porcelain ware, paper, wire, heet metal, ores, photograp c apparatus and materials; rough specimens, fossils, or afpparatus and materials to be used in the practical determination o mineralogical and geological s imens; pencils and `plplper for practical mstruction in the same Eiznches, and for

 _ increase and improvement of the_cabinet; for repairs and

additions to electric, magnetic, pneumatic, thermic, and optical apparatus; for purchase of laboratory and power-room machinery an apparatus and installation of same; for models, ma , diagrams, bogkis of reference: textbooks, sgncgstationery fop use ogsinstructors; an or contmgen ex nsesno 0 erwise rovi ed for, 2 · 1¤;,I°p°m°°°° °'°“"" For department of Drawing mldterial, and stationeiéy for use of instructors; repairs to models and purchase of new mo els; desks, stretchers, drawipi boards, racks, and stands; framing drawings; books and periodic on art, architecture, topography, and technology; bmding maps, books, and so forth; repairs to stereoipticon and purchase of lantern slides; photographic a paratus an material; purchase of new mstruments and repair nip old ones, for use of cadets; and for contingent expenses, $1,530;