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1142 SIXTY—THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. HI. Ch. 147. 1915. ·’•“P'“°°°”· For maintenance of jail prisoners of the District of Columbia at the Washington Asylum and Jail, including pay of guards and all other necess rsonal services and for su ort of risoners e m, , . th re` $2 ooliry P8 , pp P N¤¢i<>¤¤1 '1‘¤¤¤i¤: N.a·r10NAL TRAINING Scrroor. Fon Borsz For care and maintenance 8°h°°"°r B°yS` of boys committed to the National Training School for Boys bg the courts of the District of- Columbia under a contract to be ma e b Y gh;] Bpqrd (]§0Cl18.;ll}l8S with the authorities of said National Training _ oo or ys 14,000. ,,,$°§’,}»‘},‘$,'§’f H°‘P“‘“ For care and treatment of in ent atients, under a contract to be made with Columbia Hos ital for Wiimen and L -in As lum by the Board of Charities, iigcal year nineteen hundyiled and giurteen, $399.60. £,,°°'° °f °1‘°°'°“'“ Bonn or CHILDB.EN,S Gnannmnsz For board d are of ll G°°”di:I°s··°'°h“d”¤ children, including) the same objects specified underlliis liiead in the

 of goéfum ia sappropriation Act for the fiscal year nineteen

un an teen, 17 000. ¤:§f’°"i°° i'”°°"` Authority is granted to pay, in addition to the sum of $1,500 heretofore authorized, a further sum not to exceed $4,700 to institutions adjlugged to be under sectarian control, Bscal year nineteen hundred an teen. ,,}Q,°f"‘°"“*“°°° °"“' For maintenance of feeble—minded children (white and colored), $3,000.

§,°,‘;°°“°‘ Innnsmmn Hom: Scrroor. ron Cononun Cmmmmw: For maintenance, includin§care of horses, wagons, and harness, $2 500.
1stri-lH°m° Irmusrizmn om-: Scnoor.: For maintenance, including care of

umm horse, wagori, and han;essdi$1,200.d nhs d L, - :orpayoocersane'te menofthN a1Bt· M1; Y N N mm jgalion, anrpial qruise, July fifth to twenty—iirst, nineteenehuiildvied aiid ourteen, ,20 .39. L _E°""° °’“’*" The commanding general of the Militia is autho ed to $20,55 mm to J. Edward Chapman for fuel furnished Octobgf tweniiyigreventh, pineteen hundred and fourteen, without the inspection required by aw. HE-r;gg&¤¤w¤w¢M¤ Rmrnun or muzormons c0LuwrroNs: For refund of erroneous miagna .¢ insane cqllglctigns for chariris for ljqard gncjnqredical treatmeint of patients · a e overnment ospita. or the ane erroneous co red ° to the Treasury of the United States to the, credit of the I?stricl.uof Columbia and the United States in equal parts, $264.16. g:r¤yg¤_;t¤§:¤¤•v- _ Onrsrannmo uamrrrms: The commissioners are authorized and ` directed to pay to Caroline Ranney the sum of $52 for amount due her for lost check, said payment to be made out of mone to her gsdit the appropriated und, "Outstanding liabilities, lbgtrict of um a.’ !¤*°*°=* °¤ 3**5 INDEBTEDNEBSTOUNHED Srryrs : TheSec t fth Tr °°ii?¤2¤a eémeaghag through the accounting officers ofsthe 'lbeasrliigyijrirs Oauthilarizgdslitlnli §§,’,;§f’° Y directed to chargp to the District of Columbia the sum of $$86,067.23, as a debt due the United States from the District of Columbia on account of money advanced by the United States to the District of Columbia with which to pay the interest on the 3.65 bonds of the Drstrrpt of Co1um§>ia_fp1ré0;he lfliscal years {pf eighteen hlpndred and seven y-seven an eng n un an sevent t; d ' ““°°’¤°“”°'°°°°¤¤*· stat1ng)the account between the United States gi Colum ia, the accounting officers of the Treas and the accounting P t _ officers of the District of Columbia shall chargellhe District of Colum- ,,,,{§',S'¥,'?,'}‘,,,,§°'° D"‘ bra with said sum; and the said sum of $586,067.23 must be paid to the United States bgrethe District of Columbia on or before June thirtreth, mneteen him d and fifteen, out of the revenues of the District of Columbia derived from privileges and from taxation upon the taxable property in the District of Columbia.