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SIXTY-TIHRD CONGRESS. Sess. IH. Ch. 147. 1915. 1].43 Wasmneron Mammr Courant nmrrarsz For amount due the (,_]:j;‘n*';§*°¤ “°**°'* United States from the District of Columbia for collections made on P¤Y¤¤•¤t to United account of the franchise rental of the Washington Market Company, :i:i;i¤»i{°imm¤¤i>¤iitiEi» fiscal years eighteen hundred and seventy-nine to nineteen hundred mm '°”“"s· · and fourteen, inclusive, there shall be transferred from the revenues of the District of Columbia to the United States the sum of $158,437 .50, such sum being in full settlement of the amount due the United States for said market rentals under the decision of the Comptroller of the Treasury, December second, nineteen hundred and fourteen, and to be covered into the Treasury as miscellaneous receipts. - · · ‘· . Tnmronamr snnvrcns: Section two of the District of Columbia appropriation Act appioved July twenty-first, nineteen hundred and °‘j‘,,,’j":f‘5‘gl’°· fourteen, placing a `tation on expenditures for purposes specified ` therein of $70,000 during the fiscal year nineteen hundred and fifteen, is amended by increasing said limitation to $79,000. J mmm Junemnmsz For payment of judgments, including costs, aigainst riistpaua the District of Columbia, except the judgment with interest an costs amounting to $2,495.35 in favor of Samuel T. Kalbfus, set forth in House Document Numbered One thousand five hundred and sevent - five of this session, $2,161.15, together with a further sum to pay tile interest at not exceeding four per centum on said judgments, as provided by law, from the date the same became due nmtil the date of a ent. P g?TPOR’1‘ or convrcrsz For support of convicts, including the same s"*’*’°'° °' °°°""* objects specified under this hea m the District of Colum ia appropriation cts for the fiscal years that follow: For nineteen hundred and fifteen, $47,000. For nineteen hundred and fourteen, $16,781.39. Summa Own Snrnmm comrr: For fees of jurors, $5,000. sausage. For fees of witnesses and payment of the actual e of wit- fig?.,_'g°§p_,m_ nesses in said court, as rovided by section eight hun and fifty, Revised Statutes of the llnited States, $3,000. For miscellaneous expenses of the Supreme Court, including the u§f_‘;’;°°°°‘” °°“" same objects specined under this head in the District of Columbia appropriation cts for the fiscal years that follow: ger nineteen hundred and fourteen, $842.70. For nineteen hundred and thirteen, $348.90. For nineteen hundred and twelve, $73. For nineteen hundred and eleven, $83.25. For nineteen hundred and ten, $3. For nineteen hundred and nine, 78 cents. For nineteen hundred and eight, $25. _ _ PAY or narurrs: For pavment of not exceeding one crier in each P°"°‘“°““"·°°°· court, of office deput marshals who act as bailiifs or criers, and for ex use of meals and, lodging for jurors in United States cases and of lseailiifs in attendance upon same when ordered by the court, $200. Except as otherwise rovided, one·half of the foregoing amounts mP;{*m*f°¤= ¥’i=¤*¤* to meet deficiencies in the appropriations on account of the District of Columbia shall be paid from the revenues of the District of Columbia and one-half from any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated. WAR War Department. mrnmnrnnvmnm nxns, PHIIIPPINE xsmnns. PhmPPl¤¤ 1¤1¤¤·1s- The internal-revenue taxes imposed b the Philippine Legislature I“’°"§' f‘¥'“ ,"'*" under the law enacted by that body gn December twenty-third, ll•(§:1?=¤d·y mm un nineteen hundred and fourteen, as amended by the law enacted by it on January sixteenth, nineteen hundred and fifteen, are hereby legalized and ratified, and the collection of all such taxes heretofore