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1146 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 147. 1915. D;*c¤k;¤¤¤*Y¤d¤¤¤d ger mainteggnppé gureau of Yards and Docks, nineteen hundred ` t . . - ; “§•P¤i*¤ Md Pf¤S°'· fmFor repaiis and preservation at navy yards, nineteen hundred and m' thirt $2,983.57; ¤Bureau or mvxgu- h£p‘i·6Itii·a;isp(;>1:§t2ation, B1u·eau of Navigation, nineteen hundred and °“‘ t 84 . ; _ Bemuersteem an- Foiimslseam machinery, Bureau of Steam Engineering, mneteen ‘"‘°°"“g‘ hugdred and thirteelig, $62062; _ t h dr d d thin M¤ri·22¤<>¤¤=*~ or provisions, arme rps, mne een un e an een, Prcvismns. $6,498.50· F¤¤>=¤ For forage, Marine Corps, nineteen hundred and thirteen, $2,259.07 ; P¤Y·m*¤°°“=¤°°“*· For pa , miscellaneous, nineteen hundred and twelve, $393.20; mm sm- For stores, Marine Corps, nineteen hundred and twelve, $3 051.64· ln all, general account of advances, $20,368.16. m§g¤wgug{s§¤v¤¤°¤ BUREAU or SUPPLIES AND Aco0UN·rs. Pr<>vi¤i¤¤¤- Provisions, Navy: For provisions and commuted rations for the seamen and marines, including the same objects specified under this heag in (tibia naval appropriati7o§1 Act for the fiscal year nineteen hundr urt $133,539. . u_¤<j¤1¤¤<1 ¢¤=¤¤¤¤¤¤· (Coalln 8,11d0t»Ié 1'lZ8l3l011Z For coal and otheir fuel fp; steamer? and hi ’ 0 er ui ment purposes, inc ud1ng` e same o `ects gpelcsifidldeuhller this hieqadlin the naval appropriation Act for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and fourteen $ 17,767.86. F¤¤¢¤*— Freight: For including the same objects specified under ghgls head in the nav appropriation Acts for the fiscal years that o ow: For nineteen hundred and fifteen, $75,000. For nineteen hundred and fourteen, $159,08290. lhrinwcrps MARINE conrs. ¤¤*¤¤¥¤¢¤¤¤ Military stores: For military stores includmg` the same ob' ts specified nmdexilthisirheiad thednavaglgppggpnanon Act for the tifal year nineteen un e an tw ve, O. . conrrnsmr- Contingent: For contingent, including the same olzects specined aids; tllns head m the naval appropriation Acts for e fiscal years a o ow: For nineteen hundred and twelve, $17.05; For nineteen hundred and eleven, $18.15. r¤ur¤¤¢1>•p•¤:m¤¤¤· DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR. P°‘“*°“ °“°°· PENSION orrrcri. 1·¤¤¤r-min: me- For the purchase rental e change, dre od fl be ving °u°°"’°t°` machine , ui nient, axidxsup esarilecessm e1ibu€lgmdnstli·—a;ie an · 5y °‘i.0H P """ improve met of paying pensions, $4,000. cnnnrr IN AeooUNrs. 0 w, E , Credit in the accounts of George W. Evans: The cco f fii °':g“”:’¥”· of the Treasury are authorized and directed to credit thldlalgzgyiintgedii George W. Evans, chief disbursing clerk, with the payment of $150 V made to C. Clark Jones_m the quarter ended September thirtieth, mneteen hundred and thirteen, for preparing plans and specifications for alterations and additions to be er and ump moms in the basement of the "Old Post Office Department lfhuilding/’ in connection with the reconstruction of the heating, lighting, and power plant,