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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 147. 1915. 1149 Enforcement of antitrust laws: For the enforcement of antitrust ,_E¤*°*°*¤¢ ¤¤¤*r¤¤¢ laws, including the same objects sgciiied imder this head in the ws` sundz civil appropriation Act for e fiscal year nineteen hundred wget irmclll, $921-Q-N h R l Co Th Dis °§’,§’,"° Ri d ’ pper iver an ort western aiwa m im I 0 tflct No wr va m- Court of the United States for the Districtyof Alagkaythird division, '*§'°,Q•;¤%,;Tu .is authorized to direct its clerk to refund to Copper River and North- cu. °°° western Railway Company, out of any moneys now in the hands of said clerk, or which may hereafter be collected and turned over to him on accoimt of licenses, the amount paid by said company for the fiscal year beginning July first, nineteen hundred and fourteen, under section four undred and sixty of the Act of March third, eighteen hundred and ninetgnine (Thirtieth Statutes at Large, pages twelve Val. so, pp, im, hundred and fifty-t ee, thirteen hundred and thirty-six, and thirteen ml mk hundred and thirty-seven), as a license tax of $100 per mile on each Va av. p. 515. mile of road operated in Alaska; the law requiringlsuch payment having been repealed by the Act of July eighteent , nineteen hundred Am, p. 517- and fourteen, entitled "An Act to levy and collect an income tax on railroads in Alaska, and for other purposes" (Thirty-eilgéith Statutes at Large, page five hundred and seventeen): Provided, at said rail- way company shall be required out of said sum to pay in full the dmu£•:a1?°“xt°b°d° income taxegrescribed by said repealing Act of July eighteenth, nineteen hundr and fourteen. _ Jumoian. ’“‘“°““ Commissioner of Glacier National Park: For the commissioner of N°“°°°l Glacier National Park for the period from September seventeenth °°"“'““*‘“‘°'· nineteen hundred and fourteen, to June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and fifteen, $1,183.33. The phrovisions of section twenty-one of the V°'· “°·P·‘“· legislative, executive, and ju `cial aspropriation Act approved May twentéy—eighth, eighteen hundred an ninety-six, shall not be construe as impairing the iight of said commissioner to receive said salary as herein provided. For salary of the judge of United States district court for the d,§°,f;,°,,’{*‘*’°“‘“°'” southern district of Georgia, from April first, nineteen hundred and L>¥¢“r1¢¢{g°¤s~ fifteen, to Jime thirtieth, nineteen hundred and sixteen, $7,500, or so ’°’ ` much thereof as may be necessary. Umrnn srarns oomzrs. °"‘°°““‘°°°°°"'* For salaries of United States district attorneys and expenses_of ”"""°°°"°‘“°"· United States district attomeys and their regplar assistants, m- cluding the same objects specified under this ead in the sundry civil appropriation Act for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and fourteen, $3,900. For fees of United States commissioners and justices of the peace °°'¤¤"'*°'*°”"°°°- actin imder section one thousand and fourteen, Revised Statutes of R·“··’°°·‘°“·P·”°· the I§nited States, for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and foiuteen, $7,000. For fees of jurors, $25,000. J‘"°""°°" Fees of witnesses: For fees of witnesses and for payment of the W“"°“‘°°‘· actual expenses of witnesses, as provided by section eight hundred R·S··"°·“°·l’·*°°· and fifty, Revised Statutes of the United States, $100,000. For such miscellaneous expenses as may be authorized lg the “"°°“'“‘°°"" Attorney General, for the United States courts and their officeis, including so much as may be necessary in the discretion of the Attorney General for such expenses in the District of Alaska, for the fiscal years that follow: For nineteen hundred and eleven, $78.83. For nineteen hundred and ten, $50.