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1152 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Seas. III. Ch. 147. 1915. I·•¤¤1•¤*•· LEGISLATIVE. · Senate. SENATE. "==¤··¤=··~S`“"“`"`°"’°“° T° PK H°..,...d”°""’.'..°g.W“1i“i“...P%‘ ii.“°kB21?.1i€’ W..“S.§‘r1.i“°%d bi ` him' invo' ev` yo enti an his rilglht tag seat in the United tates Senate, $1,000. For compensation of omcers, clerks, messengers, and others: ·,·,j·;;*¤°¤¤¤° °° S•¤· For assistance to Senators who are not chairmen of committees, as fol] : '1?h‘i·see clerks, at $2,000 each per annum, from March fourth to June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and fifteen; three assistant clerks, at $1,23-r0mper tnngfum, fred? March fourth to guns thirtieth, ninnteen h teen; ee messengem, at 1,200 _ annum. rom Miialich fouliith to June thirtieth, nineteen hundred grid fifteen: to be aid from the appropriation for assistance to Senators provided for iii fiscal year nineteen hundred and fifteen For compensation of officers clerks, messengers, and others: liter assistance to Senators who are not chaumen of committees, as f : _ ho me cletnkgn at $2,00% eachbper July Hist, teen to ecem er y· , nmeteen un ii;t;een, $3,:1000; threelnssistant clegkini at $1,200 each pgr annum, gglm J y first nineteen un `an teen, to Decem - t, nineteen hundred and fifteen, $1,800; three messengers, at {1,200 each pgrm-annumgignm iirit, nmeteen] fifteen, to Decem thirty nme en un an n . umu wwe To_enable the Secretary of the Senate to pay from the gpmpdation °°"‘°°°‘ for nmeteen hundred and fifteen for compensation of officers, clerks, messengers, and others to Myrtle White for services as clerk to §homasbel'YV}_ Hanldwick, Senanlor tha State of Georgigé from ovem ourt , nmeteen un an ourteen to ber seventh, nineteen hrmdred and fourteen, at the rate’ of $2,000m per annum. s=*·‘·»·-··-···m¤· of1tiid`6SI;ii)d1t1:6fd1ime:(f;iiiegs&dsmi§g1rt1md6m °i.;*.:$2.r.$.:¤¤.tr1#id.(2:2.*;::: hundred and fourteen, to March fourth, nineteen hundred ahd fifteen, for clerk hire and other extra clerical services, $4,200. §?·;_¤;,¤;¤·K•¤~ To pay pennis M. Kerr for extra and_ expert services rendered to ' the Committee on Pensions during_the third session of the _Sixty-third gongress fa; assistanglcégxbk to Sllld committee, by detail from the ureau o ensions, . _£,j_;’{,§‘_f;$,‘°‘;{?f°°· To pay Atwell J. Ciopton, as additional compensation for extra services rendered the subcommittee of the Committee on the Judiciary engaged in the invcstig§tion of the maintenance of a lobby, ursuant to Senate resolunioig Suup§>e1§1rddl\&mety-twoé the gmt and secon sessions o the -t o ess, 0. §;§,§j,°§f;} To pay Fay N. Seaton for extra serviligé rendered to the Committee to Investigate the General Parcel Post $225. §;,Y,',,g_°""* C To pay . Jnrliepfgor segvices rendered as assistant clerk to the ommittee on av airs, 72. },‘;,,'§j_'*·K°Y· To enable the Secretary of the Senate to ay Howard M. Kay, messenger to Senator T. P. Gore, salary from J¤5y sixteenth to August twentieth, mneteen hundred and fourteen, at $100 per month, $1 16.67. ,,,’,{°g§,,*’:§§C°'P·§§,§‘§1’$f To pay the Merchants Transfer and Storage Company (or to enable H¤¤¤¤z- the Superintendent United States Capitol uilding and Grounds to pa; the Merchants Transfer and Storage Compan ) for the removal of atent Office models stored in the Senate and House Office Buildings, $943.