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1172 sixrrsminn CONGRESS. sm. 111. GH. 153. 1915. equal to seven and one-half per centum of the cubic capacity of the bo t. ¤¤¤r*¤\¤q¤i¤¤\· The extemal buoyancy may be of cork or of any other equally efficient material, but such buoyancy shall not be SBCl11`Bd lg the use of rushes, cork shavings, loose granulated cork, or any o er loose granulated substance, or by any means dependent upon inflation air. °·P•·°“Y· ylf the buo ancy is of cork, its volume, for a wooden boat, shall not be less than &i.rty-three thousandths of the cubic capacity of the boatif of any material other than cork, its volume and distribution shall be such that the buoyancy and stability of the boat are not less than that of a similar boat provided with buoyancy of cork.

          • 3* "°°*¤· The buoyancy of a metal boat shall be not less than that required

above for a. wooden boat of the same cubic capacity, the volume of the air cases and external buoyancy being increased accordingly. 1’¤¤¢·¤»¤ bww 1C.—Pom·ooN BOATS, IN wmcu PERSONS CAN Nor BE ACCOMMO- DATED BELOW THE nrzcx, HAVING A WELL DECK AND FIXED WATER- TIGHT BULWARKS. m"‘°“’i°“’·°‘°· The area of the well deck of a boat of this type shall be at least thirty lper centum of the total deck area. The height of the well deck a ove the water line at all pomts shall be at least equal to onehalf per centum of the length of the boat, this heiihght being increased tg pipe anald one·ha.lf per centum of the length of e boat at the ends o e w . 11•¤¤v¤ ¤¤¤n¤¤y- Thefreeboard of a boat of this_type shall be such as to provide for a reserve buoyancy of at least thirty-five per centum. Bccoudclassbeats. BOATS or THE sEcoNn CLASS. ¤¤¤¤i=¤¤¤¤- The standard types of boats of the second class must satisfy the following conditions: €‘w»¤si¤»1•¤¤¤·¤- 2A.‘0PEN BOATS mvmo THE UPPER PART or mE SIDES cor.- LAPsrm.E. B¤¤y¤¤<>y- A boat of this type shall be fitted both with water-tight aircases and with extemal buoyancy, thevolume of which, for each £0l'SOD which the_b0at is able to accommodate, shall be at least equ to the following amqnmtsc Air cases, one and five—tenths cubic feet; external bulgzancy fif of cork) two-tenths cubic foot. "°”“’°"‘°°*“· e_ l]11I111I1l1I11~ freeboard of boats of this type is fixed in relation to theu·_length; it .18 measm·ed vertically to the top of the solid hull at the side amidslups, from the water level when the boat is loaded. The freeboard m fresh water shall not be less than the following amounts: ‘ Length of I Minimum ' the oat. freeboard. Feet. Inches. 26 8 28 9 30 10 _ The freeboard of boats of intermediate lengths is to be found by mterpolation.