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1180 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. IH. Ch. 153. 1915. When the length of the vessel exceeds one thousand and thirty feet, the Board of Supervisin Inspectors, with the approval of the Secret of Commerce, sha}? determine the minimum number of sets ofagnvits and of open boats of the iirst class for that vessel. nunaniurrou or rrm rassnuenns nr *1111: Lnmnoars arm narrs. Facilities mr em- Suitable arrangements shall be made for embarking the passengers °°'k“"°“‘ in the boats, accord with regulations by the Boar of Supervising Inspectors, with the approval of the Secretary of Commerce. L“°°°”‘°‘ “‘““‘ In vessels which carry rafts there shall be a number of rope or wooden ladders always available for use in embarking the persons ‘g§,‘¤°’°” f" umeran arr emenote oa an weret are Nb d 0uTI)th6rbftB•d tfhbts d(h h Txtofmts alloviaedri of the pont<f§1;§ta]{ts, on si vessel diegéends upon gieqtotgl

 umero personsw c evesseisiutene tocarry: rmnde'

Lum That there shall not be required on any voyage a total ca acity boats, and (where thegigre Eovirled) pontoon r%fts,(grea.ter tim that necessary to accomm_ to the persons on oar . m§**’~*¤8°*°°°°¤'°S~ At no moment of its voyage shall any passenger stea.m_vessel of the United States on ocean routes more than twenty nautical miles pffshoge have on board a total nnimlggr of plers1§>fnsb0greater(£zhan that or w om accommo ation is provi in the e ats an pontoon life rafts on board. ·*d°‘“°¤¤' “‘°"°¤*$· If the lifeboats attached to davits do not provide sufficient accommodation for all plersons on board, additional lifeboats of one of the quigggal °°P’°itY fr standard types i all be provided. This addition shall bring the ` total capacity of the boats on the vessel at least up to the greater of the; gzwiih following amounts: d b h gu} a e minimum ca acity require these re atio ; f (pg A capacity siaiiicigzint to acc0mmo<£te seventy-fivelpser centum o e persons on oar . The remainder of the accommodation required shall be provided under regulations of the Board of Supervising Inspectors, approved by the Secretary of Commerce, either in boats of class one or class twg, or in pontoon gafts of an apprcilved type.

r¤g¤·¤g•r ~·¤¤=¤¤¤ t no moment o its voyage s a any passenger steam essel of

° h° the United States on ocean routes loss than twenty nautidral miles offshore have on board a total number of plersons greater than that for whom accommodation is provided in the lifeboats and pontoon rafts on board. The accommodatiorgdprovided in liieboats shall in every case be sufficient to accomm ate at least seventy-five per centum of the I-persons on board. The number and type of such lifeboats and l` e_rafts shall be determined by rnégulations of the

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· · -,, 5 2 , r m a een w%¤01‘ii¤§z?ti1¤i·1ii8y 1 to September fifteenth, inclusive, any passenger steam vegsel of the qfmltied Sgztialsi, on oeezg routes less than ogwentg nautical miles o s ore, s e requir to c accomm ation or ot 1 than pjgvggty perdcentuzm owhe agotiill ;1l1l1£E€’iT of persons lim bcdird in e atsan ponoon`erts,ow'c acco dt' tl than fifty} per centum shall be in lifeboats and iieii dgitiigi mis; ge in co_ ap?ble boats or raftadugderhregulations of the Board of ugervnsing nspectors approve the t f Co . ,,,§,,g;,°"‘f"°°"¤° "°““* t no moment of its voyage maly an dgeliinilcliigo stexailrligsel of the United States have on board a total number of ersons greater {.)ha`.r;dtha'ti_g’or wh<{)m acctpmmodagion is provided in Iihe lifeboats on 0 . enum eran theso chb tshall bedterminedb regulations of the Board oiyS I(1i;pe:tors, appiioved by th]; V-I. on GY Q Segretary of Comxperce. hm “ tno momento its voyage may an assenger team v lof the United States on the Great Lakes, ogxroutes mor; than m miles