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102 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sms. I. Orr. 4. 1913. °' I"' F rt and ivilizat' { the Chip was of Lake Superior,

 W`mggnsq1;;R1hcludm;pay of igrlxigiloyees, $7,0103. _

§¤°‘“‘p,,°,,‘“"“", m, For suplport, education, and civilization of the Pottawatomie Indiims w Q7 regiode in the State of Wkconsm, including pay of 0 ees, ,0 . ,,£§§"*‘,;,‘§°,,,,'?,{;,,§*,*’,°§ Bm orjthe purchase of allotments for the individual members of that

· rtion of the Wisconsin   of lfottawatomie Indians now residing

¤¤¤¤y¤,¤¤». m_ the States of Wisconsin and Michigan, $150,0Q0,_sa1d sum to be P °"’_y’ reimbursed to the United States out of the appropriation, when made, of $447,339, the said sum last named being the {proportionate share of the said Indians in annuities and moneys 0 _ the Pottawatomie Tribe m which they have not shared, as set orth m House Document Numbered Eight hundred and thirty, Sixtieth Congress, first session, and the Secretary of the Interior is herectiy authorized to exgmd the said sum of $150,000 in the purchase land within the ates of Wnsconsm and Michigan the title of such land to be trust C; githe Q¤v¤rnmont.f.o.r.tl1c..%&_;¤;)1id_benqiit o£:31<g‘rInb<;ians,;iirn·;l land WW a m orgammd · · · m Ma" bodies of not more than one section hich `d shall t {,*;*5,;;,, mu adjoin each other: Provided, That the lariil so p?u:‘ehased,0:x t siilgh Mm Kart thereof as may be n for administrative purposeswgiall be dgligfed equitagly arzpng the £dians einlfiftlled theretomgnd patiiwtg _or~ _ issu maoeordaneswi egenneral tmenf

 ¥.t§?t.”£‘.“"Et?*tt*“.t.t.t¥   .'f}3.‘J"‘¥ ?¥.?"°‘°" tm

y D S H1 KD. or Indians belonging to this band who, owing to advanced age or e , an m eu 0 o ts to ' ‘ °

."L?°§..".5.?'..{‘"""i.i‘·? “‘£ "°°3°"."..’ h““..%““’“"‘°r£i.m.."“‘&§mg,J‘°“°“.?t‘.1

}`§?..°c`£“€§£.?£§°$}.§°£°.im°““t¥.* md ’“3" bi €‘i°‘*° “’t“".‘i¤h£§i“"° c uung e remain er o eu n tim . ugfd °"* R"‘”‘* _ For construction of roads and bridges on the Red Cliiffulltesersatioiii ¤¤•<1s•¤¤¤¤¤¤z¤» in Wisconsm, $8,600. Wycminz- VYYOMING. élggnyxam WS§c._25. iEo=i·u§j1;1;gpox';ty :;.1(;m0l¥lHZ8tI(;I;` 5% Shoshone Indians in . Hung: 0 008 , , Bohm Ear support and edgrcation expend; huindred and sevent -five Indian ¥\1P11$ at the Indian school, Shoshone Reservation, Wgoming, and ..‘·i£.£3’£2f56‘¤P?¥£§”‘}.§‘%‘t§§’*°25’ ‘°‘ g°"°’°’ "°*’°"`“ ““" *“‘P’°"°‘ Mmmm "" th§0drim1n1sh'cqn?in:d§n§hb1:hvd;ief{o(;f i’-i’~i‘.?3’°i€f$2$ RL“‘ “"ig&?°“ "·”¥’v““ ‘".§.*}“.{g“ V L 8 including the maintenance and operation of cdiilnplgted yganals, Pm/...° ”"" §§"%i‘L‘l?,1.’Z’§(‘i‘“?.§.?:2i2.i.?h“.f.$3.‘1?d°“°°d‘°&"“ °%$0‘;§§*%‘62* °‘ °"° A°‘ uves ~ a on o ’ . . an : , mL¤,..§¥¤.f,L tary of the Interior IS herebly authorizedeaud directed thtdgs 583% °X°°?d $1900 °f, th? Sum Grain appropriated for the p Om of making an investigation of the condition of the roads and lilrisges on the Saud Wjmd River Reservation and shall submit a re rt thereon together with maps and plans of said roads, to other witgom ggtimaté gfugre cost og constructmn of suitable ang necessary roads and ri es on said reservation. it ...£§’.€..?“.§’.’I§’.‘.Q‘¤t‘$$ %$¥’“$t..Y’}%’ F`? iH“’k.°’·'iI"Si°i’“’ tm, may of Ju ’ tm¤1,’e.g1m¤ hundred 2.2% sx?Z.-"i.‘€) §‘?,”0i§’5‘? £§’§i§’2’§ E.5,?°£§"$§u“utd"k“”“Z’sh;.6“i‘°.}.t?..`*3iI. Z§‘§£..?“" "*"°{y“"§°"{°' “;‘“‘** au, te,000. ’ ’“'“’°° ’°"*Y· $1»°°°P m R°•*“°¤*“*“¤°· The unexpended balan { th · · · v°L 37’ °°°°' $10,000 for road and bridgg (?0n5@yi;g;?;g12;mt;I;1(§1;')g£;;%n§tgg)82v;i