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1192 six·rY-*r1—nRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. om. ms, 169. 1915. gift? igggg- Act To provide for the payment of certain moneys to school [Public, No. 317.] _ · pnaxnuagétm to Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatwes of the United b°°p§§’d ,,,c,,,p,§ 0, States <p’ America in Congress assembled, That all_moneys heretofore wv\g;·iSgg¤=¤1¤§i paid for lands sold by the Government for town-s1te purposes at the ' ’p' price of $10 per acre under section twenty-two of the ct ent1tled ‘An Act to provide a temporary government for the Territory of 31klaIlnln£na,r]fo enlarge tlzpfjurisgliction of the,United Sgallzfs court in e an ern ory an or 0 er p oses approve ay secon , V¤l- 32»P·63· eighteen hundred arid ninety, and ulddhr the Act entitled "An Act providing for the commutatnoglglgnl townisite purpplsaaz oflhonnestesnld entries in certain portions 0 oma approve arc e event nineteen hundred and two, which have hot already been paid to the proper muningipal authorities, shall be paid to the dproper authorities of the sever school districts in which the lan for which such moneys were paid are located; and the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of the Treasury are herel;y authorized and directed to cgluse such payments to be made out o the frmds arising from such s es. Approved, March 4, 1915. {gc}; *f7g15j CHAP. 169.-An Act To amend an Act entitled f‘An Act to promote the safe pf

 employees and travelers upon railroads by ccmpelling common carriers  

[Public, No- 31&1 mtcygmm commtnlrce Jp equip thelr gpclnmouves and uml; drglrs ang urte ,’* a rov e sev , mne nn gpprm nances ere pp mary an Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United °°§“'“;’; °“"*°”·, States o America in Congress assembled, That section two of the Act R qu emants or , H salelecoguotingbgilem entitle _ An Act to promote the safety of employees and_ travelers L’°tf$$` ° °° ° °°°' upon railroads by compelling comgnon carriers engaged m mterstate V°‘·3°·P·°*°· commerce to equip their locomotives with safe an suitable boilers and appurtenances thereto " approved Februag seventeenth, nineteen hundred and eleven shall apply to and in ude the entire locomotive andmgendeln anldlgfll parts and appuigenances thereof. hl I H, Sec. 2. at t c c ms actor an the two assistant c 'ef inmmmded spectors, topgether with all the district inspectors, appointed under t e Act of ebruary seventeenth, nineteen undred and eleven, shall inspect and shall have the same powers and duties with respect to a‘..;;2ssa2t:t;2°:1*z*1,:.:;2.1t::¤;::das e appurtenances thereof, and the said Act of Febrnaniy seventeenth, nineteen hundred and eleven, shall apply to and mc ude the entire locomotiye and tender and all their parts with the same force and E mm 0, m_ effect as 1t now apphes to locomotive boilers and the1r appurtenances. me 1:;S;.s;:;saa;".¥:;;J.:mi..s€:;::aads.;s“gs.a;:r t{p1nsAand fitness with respect to the additional duties imposed by t ct. kS,,,,,,,, ,,,{,,,,,,,c,, Sec. 3. That nothingifin this Act shall be held to alter, amend, w¤·¤*¤-·¤¤ ¤1*¤¢<r changeivrgpcal, or mo y nlny other Aint gm than the said Act o e ruary seventeent , nineteen un an e even to which reference is herein specifically made, or any order of the lnterstate Commerce Commission promulgated under the safety apphance Act of Mzlrcgi second, eighteen hundred and ninety-three, and supplement cts. misuse: in sa; Sec. 4. That Act shall take eHect six months after its passage, mm ‘ except as otherwise herein provided. Approved, March 4, 1915.