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106 SIXTY·TI-HRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 6. 1913. original board is unable or unwilling to serve another arbitrator shall be named in the same manner asesuch Ofglllil member was named. A¤*¤¤¤*v·>*¤¤‘l>*¤*· Sec. 5. That for the urposes of this ct the arbitrators herem ¤a“$»;°•iT”° tu"` provided for, or either ofp them, shall have power to admimster oaths and amrmations, sign subpoenas reqmre the attendance and testimony of witnesses, and the production of such books, papers, contracts, agreements, and documents material to ladjust determmation of the matters under invenitglation as may be o ered by the comjt; and may invoke the aid of ve United States courts to compel witnesses to attend and testify and to produce such books, papers, contracts, agreements, and documents to the same extent and under the v°" ,°§g.*’e,,°f°Q";‘ same conditions and penalties as E provided for in the Act to reguig-P` i late commerce, roved February fourth, eighteen hundred and e` hty-seven, andqihe amendments thereto: • _ A¤¤¤v¤¤¤¢¤¤¢¤¤<1 6. That every agreement of arbitratmn under thm shall be °“"‘°"°""""°‘ acknowledged by the parties thereto before a notary Ipublic or a clerk of the dkmct or the circuit court of ipmpgals of the mted States, or bdore a member of the Board of tion and Conciliation the members of which are hereby authorized to take such acknowledgments; and when so acknowledged shall be delivered to a memberof saidboardortransmittedtosaidboardtobefiledinitsofiice. _ N¤¤¤¤•¤¤¤ M ¤¥>¤· When such ?reement of arbitration has been filed with the said °*°”‘ board, or one 0 its members, and when the said board, or a member thereof, has been furnished the names of the arbitrators chosen by the ruplective parties to the controversy, the board, or a memberthereof, sha cause a notice in writing to be served upon the said arbitrators, notifying them of their appointment, requesting them to meet promptly to name the arbitrator or arbitrators necessary to comp ete the board, and ad ’ them of the period within which, as provided in the agreement of arbitration, they are empowered to naprplsuctlinl arbgrator or apbitt;·a£lt{)>rs. h _ h ¤•l¤¤¤¤¤¤»¤¤¤¤1>1¤¤• en e ar itrators se ec y the respective arties ave agreed °°°d' n the arbitrator or arbitrators, they shall notify the lrigoard of Mediation and Conciliation; and in the event of their failure to agree upon anijsor upon all of the necessary arbitrators within the period Exed by t Act they shall, at the expiration of such period, notify the Board of Mediation and Conciliation of the arbitrators selected, if any, or of their failure to make or to complete such selection. _ N1:;£•»¤v•¤|¤s or If the parties to an arbitration desire the reconvening of a board to pass upon any controyersy arising over the mean' or application of an award, they shall jomtly so notify the Board i?fgMedmtion and Conciliation, an shall state m such written notice the question or Epestions to be submitted to such reconvened board. The Board of ediation and Conciliation shall thereupon promptly communicate with the members of the board of arbitration or a subcommittee of such board appomted for_such purpose pursuant to the provisions of theuaigreement of arbitration, and arrange for the reconvening of said bo or subcommittee, and shall notify the respective parties to the controversy of the time and place at which the board will meet for hearings upp; the matters in controversy to be submitted to it. Igrléglllllltllill or Sac, 7. t the board of arbitration shall organize and select its ° own chairman and make all necessary rules for conducting its hearinggiyput in its award 03 awards the said board shall confine itself to ings or recommen ations as to the uestions s iiicall sub-

  • "°"'°*””¤· °°°· mitted to it or matters directly bearingq thereon. Pgcll testimony

before said board shall be given under oath or affirmation, and any member of the board of arbitration shall have the power to administer oaths or aflirmations. It may employ such assistants as may be