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108 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Srss. I. Ch. 6. 1913. no reduction of wages shall be made by such receivers without the authority of the court therefor, after notice to such employees, said notice to be given not less than twenty days before the hearing zum: ‘°°°‘¥,$.§?L.£‘.?*%f.§‘;‘:..°‘.i‘.&’.1'g“?."‘.‘;“* *·‘;:t.“;..‘1$.s;8*2d.:*;a·:; ‘ r Exon o . customary places on the premises of 0 er employers covered by this Act. 4 bgssgf $:;%:1 mm- Sin0.t110. That_each ofhtmhe board of cairbitration created . nm er e provisions o t a receive su com nsation as

 be fixed b the Board of Mediation and Conciliatildii, together

Appropriation for Wit his l31`8V9E.I1g Ind other D.Qc6BS¤.l'y GXPOHSGS. Tl16 Sum of ¤$:ii°}°ii.z1z. $2§,000, or so_much thereof as may be necessary, is hereby appropriated, to be immediately available and to contmue avail:. le until the close of the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and fourteen, for the necessary proper expenses incurred in cxgnnection with alny arlgftrtaigion ordwrth the carrying on of the worg o mediation an cone ia n, in uding per travehng` , other necessary egcpenses of members or employees ol boards of ailb1i· traition ?id mat ii; the of Columbu, furnitige, amos fixtures an sup es o , es raveling expenses thecegary Expendseziof or enéslciyeesthef thq’Boair¢l1;>f°M‘»§(ld•;)a2.)tiou ang onc a on approv y chmrman ard p audited by the pr<;£e:l·1accounting omcersiof the ?l‘r;agur·y. an ug£8r¤;&i¤;L%¤¤&g{ uS1¤o. 11.hThe£e&u be a Commissioner of Mediation Cons wgmnéxmmt c nation, w o s be appointed by the President, by and with the m_,P,g,°m_ · PW- advice and consent of a Senate, and whose salary shall be $7,500 per annum, lgglg hishooffice fog: term of Sieve? yelars and imtil a successor q es, w remova e the President 0*~¤¤r members to only for misconduct in office. The Presid t shally also design' ate 2%%%: anglonégncillf not more than two other oihcials of the Govzrinment who have been "· agpomted by with the advice consent of the Senate, and the 2 cialsdtléus dwandimtlrigetheyi th; Crammiisiofcigr of Mediaion an onc ion s cons u a to h United States Board lof Mediation and Condiliation.0 Own as t 6 d‘i;=;:¤* ¤¤¤¤¤=- C0'£l£1r:tshall eilso lli>§1al1;6Ass1stant(t§dC{)1mr1ri1ms1}h§'>nerdof Midiation and p tment and ·l0I1WOB B. 1I1 · t il

  • ’§’§,,,,,,,,,d,,u,,m,,,y_ the advice and consent of ith; Senate; antll vlrlisdseimsdlaryyadiiaumbe

f%g0gn &D;1ig§;)= In the lfbseghcetogathe (io ioner of Media· _ n_ionorwen a ce th assistant commissioner shall exercise the Sfunctionimdniiacggrioini the dutres_of that office._ _Under the direction of the Commissioner of _MB$l18t10D and Concihation, the assistant commissioner shall assist .].11 the work of mediation and conciliation and when acting alone in any case he shall_have the right to take acknowledgments, receive agreements of arbitration, an cause the notices in writing

0 E; servfed upon the arbitrators chosen_ by the resggctive parties

Fcmnmmpwm c e con roversy, as proyided for 111 section five of t Act. v°,_30_p_m_ The Act of June first, eighteen hundred and ninety-eight, relating to the mediation and arbitratmn of controversies between railwa £;Z?_,0_ my Enpmpames certain classes of thenjemployees is hereby repealed}; m_,w$g_&·¤¤¤mum rounded, any agreement of arb1tration which, at the time of ` the passage of this Act, shall have been executed in accordance with the provisions of said Act of June first, eighteen hundred ’ - _ and ninety eight, shall be governed_by the rovisions of said Act of June first eighteen hundred and mnet ·eiglit, and the proceedings thereundei shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of said Act Approved, July 15, 1913. l