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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 16. 1913. 115 centum ad valorem: Pmmlkd, That no article containing alcohol S°?"“§ A- glzll be classified for dutiy under this paragraph. 1¤£¤i¢?°£$l1¤§8e21l°°d 10. Barium, chloride o ,_}_cent per poim ; ioxide oi', 1} cents per §$‘l"$’.{’.;s¤m,,g um. pound- carbonate of Ilpinlcipitategi, 15 per centum ad valorem. '*°'· 11. l3lacking of all ds, powders, and all creams and B1¤cki¤s.¤w. preparations for cleaning or polishing, not speciall§`lprovided for in this section, 15 per centum a valorem: Prwided, at no prepare- §L‘{"Z,'§;¤,m,,g ,1.,,. tions containing alcohol shall be classified for duty un er this '*°*· P¤’*§N· · 12. eac ,orc neo me, centper un. Blk hing powder hlo 'd f li fg po cl umm 13. Caifein, $1 per pound; compounds of caffein, 25 per centum ad valorem; impure tea, tea waste, tea siftings or sweepmgs for manufacturing purposes in bond, ursuant tg thelprovisions of the Act of '°‘·3‘·P·“”· May sixteenth, nineteen hundred and eight, cent per pound. 14. Calomel, corrosive sublimate, and other mercunal preparations, 15 per centum ad valorem. V ’ _ 15. ®alk, precipitated, suitable for medicinal or toilet purposes; chalk put up in the form of cubes blocks, sticks, or disks, or otherwise, including ta1lors’, billiard, red, and other manufactures of chalk " ** not specially provided for in `this section, 25 per centum ad valorem. 16. Chemical and medicinal compounds and prpgarations, includ-! '”°'”°‘ ing mixtures and salts, distilled oils, essential o' , expressed oils, rendered oilskgreases, ethers, ilavoring other extracts and fruit essences, all e foregoing their combmations when containing alcohol, and all artic es eonsmting of vegetable or mineral ob]ects 1mmersed»or placed in, or saturated with, alcohol, except perfumery and spirit vanishes, and all alcoholic compounds not YTD- vided for-in this section, if containing 20·per centum of alco o or less, ·1§tcentsper pound and 20.pu- centum ad valorem; contaminp morethan20percentumandnotmorethan50;>ercent11mofalcoho , 20 cents per pound and 20 per centum ad valorem; containing more t}5an£0 per centum of alcohol, 40 cents per pound and 20 per centum a v orem. . · 17. Chemical and medicinal compounds, combinations and all “‘*"°*"°" similar articles dutiable unda this section, exczpt soap, whether specially mvided for or not, put up in individu packages of two and one- pounds or less gross weight (except samples without commercial value) shall be dutiable at a rate not less than 20 per ' centum ad valorem: Provided That chemicals, drugs, medicinal and &'§°.l°°i•,s¤. similar substances, whether dutiable or free, imported in ca ules, pills tablets, lozenges, troches, ampoules, jubes, or similar Ilgrms, shall be dutiable at not less than 25 per centum ad valorem. 18. Chloral hydrate, salol, phenolphthalein, urea, terpin hydrate acetanilid, acetphenetidin, antipyrine,¤lglycerophosphormc acid and salts and compounds thereof, acetyls cylic acid, aspirin, guiacol carbonate, and thymol, 25 per centum ad valorem. 19. Chlloroform, 2 cents per pound; carbon tetrachloride, 1 cent per penn . _ 2 . Coal-tar dyes or colors, not specially provided for in this sec- °°°I`°° "°d°°t°‘ tion, Ziglper centum ad valorem. _ 21. other roducts or preparations of coal tar, not colors or dgrles, not speciagy provided for in this section, 15 per centum ad v orem. 22. Coal·tar distillates, not slpecially provided for in this section; benzol, naphtol, resorcin, toluo , xylol; all the foregoing not medicmal and not colors or dyes, 5 per centum ad valorem. _ _ 2§._ Coa.l·tar products known as anilin oil and salts, tolmdine, xyhdm, cum1d1n, bmitrotoluol, binitrobenzol benzidin, tohdm, chanisidin, naphtlylamin, diphenylamin, benzaldeh de, benzyl chloride, nitro—bcnzo and nitrotoluol, na htylaminsugoacids and their sodium or potassium salts, naphtolsnsfoacids and their sodium or