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118 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 16. 1913. c,¤°¤ ¤°”“m,I A- the same com osition dried to contain 15 r centum or less of 1>¤¤¤-o¤¤¢£°..»l°•Ya.°°d moisture, powmlered, oi· otherwise advanced b§;ond_the condition of crude or unmanufactured, $4 per pound· morph1a or morphme, sulphate of, and all alkaloids of opium and salts and esters thereof, $3 per ounce; cocaine, ecgonine, and all salts and derivatives of the same, $2 per ounce; aqueous extract of opium, for medicmal uses and tincture of, as laudanum, and other liquid preparations of opium, not specially provided for in this section, 60 per centum ad valorem; opium containing less than 9 per centum of morphia, $6 er pound- but reparations of 0 ium degosited m bonded ware- ,, E houses shall not be removed theregrom wit out payment of duties, memuim nat as- and such duties shall not be refunded: Promded, _That nothing °°$$,°f35, m_ herein contained shall be so construed as to repeal or in any manner Put P· is impair or affect the provisions of an Act entitled "An to prohibit the impgirtpltion and use of opium for Ether than rgedicmal purposes," a rov ebruary , mneteen un an nme. P"°“"'“”’“°‘ Pie. Perfumery, mcluding cologne and other toilet waters, of perfume , whether in sachets or otherwise, and all pggarations used as appllications to the hair, mouth, teeth, or skin, s as cosmetics, dentifrices, including tooth soaps, pastes, mcluding theatrical grease paints, and pastes,_ pomades, powders, and other toilet preparations, all the foregomg, if contaming alcohol, 40 cents per posmd and 60 per centum ad valorem; if not containing alcohol 60 per centum ad valorem· floral or flower waters containing no alcohol, not specially provided for in this section, 20 per centum ad valorem. 49. Ambergris, enileurage greases and floral essences by whatever method obtained; flavoring extracts, musk, gramed or pods, civet, and all natural or synthetic odoriferous or aromatic substances, preparations, and mixtures used m the manufacture of, but not marketable as, perfumes or cosmeticsr all the foregoing not containing algohg and not specially provided for in this section, 20 per centum a v orem. 50. Plas'ters,al1iealilng or curative, of all kinds, and court-plaster, 15 per cen um v orem. °°*°¤·P'¢¤°¤'*·°*°· 4 51. Baryta, sulphate of, or barytes, including barytes earth, unmanufactured, 15 per centum ad valorem; manufactured, 20 per centum ad valorem; _ lane-fixe, or artificial sulphate of barytes, and satin white, or artificial sulphate of lxme, 20 per centum ad valorem. 52. Blues, suc11_ as Berlin, Brussian, Chinese, and all others, contaunngl ferrocyande of iron, m pn;}-lp, dry or ground in or mixed witho orwater,20percentumadv orem;ultramarine blue, whether dry, in pulp, or ground m or mixed with oil or water, and wash blue contaming ultramarme, 15Bger centum ad valorem. 53. Black lpsigments, m e from bone, ivory, or v table substance, by w tever name known; gas black and lam (lick, dry or ground in or mixed with oil or water, 15 per centum acllvalorem. 54. Chrome yellow, cbromedgreen and all other chromium colors in the manufacture of which lea and lnchromate of potash or soda are g, $13 pufp, dry, or ground in or mixed with oil or water, 20 per cenva orem. 55. Ocher and ochery earths, sienna and sienna_ earths, and umber and earths, 5 per centum ad valorem; Spanish brown, venetian red,_ Indian red, and cclcothar or oxide of iron, not specially provided ic1g61n §dsection, gl centum ad valorem. . _ pigmen : _ tharge orange mineral, red lead whi a and all ipigments contamnnglead, dry or in pulp, and grouhd 0:8 wit}; o cg- wpter, not specially provided or in this section, 25 per cen um a va orem. 57. Lead, acetate of, white, and nitrate of, 1} cents r oundacetate of, brown, gray, or yellow, 1 cent per pound; allplithlir lead