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120 SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 16. 1913. E ¤°¤=°°*·*,mg_n_ SCHEDULE B-—EARTHS, EARTHZENWARE, AND GLASS- ware, me gamma. WARE. B*"°*- 71. Fire brick, brick, chrome brick, and brick not specially rovided for m this sectiperg not glazed, enameled, pamted, _ vitnfieg, ornamented or decora in any manner, 10 per centum ad valorem; if glazed, enameled, painted, vitnfied, omamented, or Th m 1;% manner, and bactéhobuck, 15 per teentum ad yahlrrem. . , p unglazed,one ,r,exceed.1ng wo uare1nc_esm size, 1} cehts per square foot; lazed, ornamentediqhand—pamted, enameled, vntufied, decorated, encaustic, ceramic mosaic iimt, spar, embossedéfold ecorated,grooved andoerrugated, and all other earthenware es and tilmg, egtcept pall tiles and socalled quarries or quarry tiles but including tiles wholly or in part of §3‘“,i‘2‘I’.Z.°°t.’£.‘“.£’1“.;’{*.‘$.‘I.?-?.?.’£§.€.i°;°“é€.$’.§.“°L’?..‘?§i.?.`§"§4'.“.l£°;§i description or parts composisd wholly or in chief value of earthenware tiles or tiling, except pill tiles, 30 per centum ad valorem. G M 73. Lime, 5 per centum ad valorem. . . "°°m' 74. Plaster rock or gypsum, crude, gronmd _0r calcined, pearl hardemng for paper makers’ me; white, non-staining Portland cement, Keene’s cement or other cement of which gypsum is the component material of chnel value, and all other cemeuts not specially vided forinthissection,10percent&madvalorem. ad , 75. e stone unman actured 5 per centum v orem} wholly pr partially inanufactured, { dent per pound; manufactures of umice stone, or of which pumice stone 18 the component material oiécluefd value, not specially provided for in this section, 25 per centum a v orem. . °'¤Y=·°°¤¤¤·°*°· 76: Clays or earjths, unwrought or unmanufactured, not specially provzded for in_tlns section, 50 cents ton g wrought or manufactured, not specially provided for m section, $1 per ton; china clay or kaohn, $1.25 per ton; fu1ler’s earth, unwrought and unmanu- Pmm facturcd, 75 cents per ton· wrought or manufactured, $1.50 per ton; C,,,,,,,,,;,,,,,,,,,.,d..d_ fluorspar, $1.50 per ton:_l·"rovukd, That the weight of the casks or _ other containers shall be mcluded m the dutiable weight. Mm- 77. Mica, unmanufactured, valued at not above 15 cents per p§Ip:1u<k·$e;1&ti>1pLe:·1p0:11;1d;_vdued abol\¥t15 cexlrtzlytnzr pound, 25dpael§ · c mica mica s manufactures of mica, or of which nilca lildgzhe comlpldxilailiittainllollserial of etibaefagalvsa, 30 per centum ad valorem; ground mica, 15 per cen um v orem. ,,,,F,‘;“,,’§§“‘° °‘“* 78. Common yellow, brown, or gray earthenware made of natural unwashed and unm1xed clay; plain or embossed, common salt·glazed sttzneware; szogewareognd egrthentvgdare crucibles; all the foregoing, no ornamen_e mms or ecora m , 15 t ad valorem; if ornamented, incised, or debldxyfalllednillxclany riigiiggli gid manufactures wholly or m chief value of such ware, not specially pgptwilrded for 1§0this section, 201 pearl centum ad valorem;Rock1ngham e enware, per cen um v orem. 79. Earthenware crockery ware composed of a `trified absorbent body, including white granite an semi orcelalilinezlrthenware, and cream-colored ware, and stoneware, inclludiug clock cases math or without movements, pill tiles, plaques, ornaments, toys c arms, vases, statues, statuettes, mugs, eu , stems, lam , and all other artmles composed wholly or in chieips value of suchs ware' if

  • ,1L‘i%..“..’.‘i*"2?.1.§’}.”.§“%‘°‘%‘;Is'*"£°‘l“3’°“*P‘?i3’°"d°§P‘““‘ M is

m , s ame cna , ‘ , - mented,or decorated any mann;-er, anrdenlanugaliztthnmpihwagiif $*:1-.ln¤?e of such ware not specially prov1ded_for in this section, 35 er centum ad valorem; if pamted, colored, tmted, stained enameied, gilded,