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132 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 16. 1913. scum: R. al gd t, thm 15 cents per 25 per centum ad valorem.

 'lhgweighfggl the value of the immeduite coveruégs, other   the

“““°“· outer packing. case or other covering, be mclu ed m the dutiable weight and e value of the merchandise.


tures of. ' , bacco diill tobacc whenmnxedorpacked Jgapgmi md of wiiapper tobacco, all leaf tobacco the prolgupt of ttylvo 0% more countne;1og·5de glue; temmed r · s °!.5li)w r Ellertoulilscconots iall peroliviidediorinthisseo- $2 P _ ge P9 » P°° Y tion,d unstemmed, 35 cents per pound; 1f stemmed,.50 cents per Demwmornrm P0llg2.• The term wrapper tobacco as used inthta section means that quality of leaf tobacco which has_the requisite color, texture, and burn, and is of suflie1ent size for cigar wrappers, and the term filler ,,,§,‘,§,°'°° '° “°"°' tobacco means all other leaf tobacco. Collectors of customs not permit entry to be made, except under regulations to be prescribed _ y the Secretary of the of any leaf tobacco, unless the 3"°t.,‘°°° ‘$$t£3`t‘1.£“‘“° “”"il..'1 filler "£‘}.d.$¤g.H` ‘Ed°1I{I.”°.ay°°' °i..“`$.¤‘i.*?

° M examination for  tion of any imported leaf tobacco, at least

one bale, boxiwor package in every ten, and at least one in every mvoice, shall exammed by the appraiser or Eisen authorized by law to make such examination, and at least ten ds shall be examined in each examined bale, box, or package. mam, 183. All other tobacco, manufactured or unmanufactured, not

3]gr¢;:11gSedPglor ilnnshis section, 55 cents per poimd; scrap

gm, 184. énuif and snuiIl)il)o11r,·man11fact1u·ed of tobacco, ground dry, or damp, argl pickled, scented, or otherwise, of all descriptions, 55 cents un . nigga, eigmms, Cigars, §§arettes, cheroots of all kinds, $4.50 per pound and N '°°"· 25 per centum valorem, and paper cigars and cigarettes, inclu ` wrappers, shall be subject to the same duties as are herein im “P°¤ °18”·”· A ngcssprpur ¤· °d_ SCHEDULE G—·AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS AND PRO- .'..;‘§ ,2..; v1s1oNs. Home and ¤=¤¤¤¤· 186. Horses and mules, 10 per centum ad valorem. we mmm 187. All live ammals not specially provided for in this section, 10 per centum ad valorem. · suny. 188. Barley, 15 cents per bushel of forty-eight pounds. 189. Barley malt, 25 cents per bushel thirty- our pounds. 190. Barley, pearled, patent, or hulled, 1 cent per pound. M¤¤¤»¤¤.m 19% Macarom, vermioelli, and all similar preparations, 1 cent per un . om. P0192. Oats, 6 cents per bushel of thirty-two pounds· oatmeal and rolleld oats, 30 cendf; per one hundred pounds; oat hulls, 8 cents pc one undred poun I"'- 193. Rice, cleaned,} cent_per plound; nmcleaned rice, or rice free of the outer hull and stall the mner cuticle on, § of 1 cent per pound· nee flour, and nee meal, and rice broken which will pass through a number twelve sieve of a kind rescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury, { cent per Hound; paddly, or rice having the outer _ hull on, of 1 cent per poun . _ Biscwrs •¤¤· 194. Biscuits, bread, wafers, cakes, and other baked articles, and puddisgs, by whatever name known, containing chocolate, nuts, fruit, or co` ectionery of any kind, and without rind to the component material of chief value, 25 per centum ad v rem.