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136 SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 16. 1913. S°¤¤'°¤ K- b the means rescribed b exis law or regulations: And pro- ¤¢12" vgled further, That any branydy or tdilhger spirituous or distilled hqfuors "'§'§’,‘{‘,u,,,,, ,0,. imported in any sized cask, bottle, jug, or other packages, of or rom

  • ¤**¤¤· any country, dependency, or province under whose laws smnlar

sized casks, bottles, jugs, or othegpackages of d¤t1lled spmts, wing; or other beverage put up or Hll m the United_States are dem entrance mto such country, dependency, or provmce, shall be forc8§g**¤°m *"° °‘ feited to the United States; and any brandy or other spmtuous or ` distilled liquor im rted in a cask of less capacity than ten gallons com d,_ from an country gall be forfeited to the United States._ _ _ _ wm 239. gn all compounds or prsparations of which distilled spirits are a com ent part of chief v ue there shall be levied a duty not Comm M_ less than tgz? imposed upon distilled spirits. _ ’ 240. Cordials, iqueurs, arrack, absmthe l¤rschwasser,_rataiia,_and ‘ other spirituous beverlgggsfor bigslers of all conta 1r1ts, In . and no s eeiall v' orin issection 2. perproo on. um nm 241. Nh loweiiiiish or amount of duty shall be levied, collected, and aid on brandy, spirits, and other spirituous beverages than that Exed by law for the description of iirst&roof ; but it sha be increased c,,E"°'g,°“$m;€§ in Siplportion for anfy greater strength an the strength of first proof, P*°°‘· an imitations o brandy or spmts or wines imdported by ag names whatever shall be subject to the highest rate of uty provid for the genujne tahrticles Igespecgtiggly intended to be represented, and in no case ess an$1. 5 r on. M M" 242. Bay rum orpliay water, whether distilled or compounded, of first proof, agri inproportion for any greater strength than first proof, $1.75 or a on. “"”"“"‘ "‘“°* za? Clgmpagne me an me- sparkling w1ms,1¤ bottles comming each not more than one uart and more thanone int, $9.60 perdozen;

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cont ° not more than one pint each and more than one—half pint, $4.80 per §lozen· containing one-half pint each or less, $2.40 per dozen; in bottles or other vessels containing more than one quart each, in addition to $9.60 per dozen bottles, on the quantity in excess of one _ gnart, at the rate of $3»per gallon; but no separate or additional wm mm uty shall be levied on the bottles. ` 244. Still wines, including gin er wine or ginger cordial, vermuth and_rice_wme or sake, and simil` ar bever es not s ially provided for in_this section, in casks or packages ollhger than bglstles or jugs, if contaimng 14 per centum or ess o absolute alcohol, 45 cents per gallon; if containing more than 14 per centum of absolute alcohol, 60 cents per gallon. In bottles or 'ugs, per case of one dozen bottles or jugs, contaming each not more tihan one quart and more than one pmt, or twenty-four bottles or jugs containing each not more than one gmt, $1.85 per case; and ang excess beyond these quantities foun in such bottles or jugs shall e subject to a duty of 6 cents per pmt or fractional part thereof, but no sexarate or additional duty §{°Ng’*g;“m_ shall be assessed on the bottles or jugs: rovided, That any wines, ginger coE·dial,hoi· geglniutli imcplorted coutainiing more than 24 per centumo aco o s a ecass ass iritsan a dut accordin : ¤§l’¤g‘§}°.`{ci°“ ‘°' Ami pr0*vzdedl{urther, That there shgll be no Idoiistrugtive or oaigr allowance for _ reakage, leakage, or damage on wines, liquors, cordials, E*°°¤>”°°· or distilled spmts, except that when it shall appear to the collector of customs from the gauger’s return, verified by an affidavit by the importer to be filed within five da s after the delivery of the merchandise, that a cask or package has been broken or otherwise injured in transit from a foreign port and as a result thereof a art of its contents amountinv to 10 per centuzn or more of the total valhe of the contents of the said; cask or package in its condition as ex rted has been lost _ allowance therefor may be made in the liquid):tion ’of the duties: P°°”‘°“ """“'°d‘ Wines, cvrdlalp, brandy, and other spirituous liquors, including bitters of all kinds, and bay rum or bay water, imported in bottles