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SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 16. 1913. 145 wood ul or wood for use in the manufacture of wood ulp necesary 8S°mm K- to such printing paper. _ P ceii¢§»a°i°d b°°k°` 323. Papers commonly known as copying paper, stereotype pgper, ,,,,‘{‘j§ ’°°'°°m’°· bibulous paper, tissue paper, pottery paper, etter—copyrng ks wholly or partly manufactured, crepe paper and filtering paper, ` articles manufactured from any of the foregoing papers or of which onéch paper is the component material of chief va ue, 30 per centum va ern. _ 324.0Il’a rs wholly or partly covered with metal leaf or with gela- °°°*°" ““"“°°·°°°~ tm or Hocfdpapers with white coated surface or surfaces, calender Elate finishe , hand dipped marbleized paper, parchment paper, and thographic transfer platper not printed, 2_ per centum a valorem; papers with coated s ace or surfaces suitable for covertgg boxes, not specially provided for, whether or not embossed or except by lithogradphic process, 40 per centum ad valorem; other paper with coate surface or surfaces not specially provided for in this section; uncoated papers, gummed, or with the surface or surfaces wholly or partly decorated or covered with a design, fancy effect, patterrhlor character, whether produced rn the pulp or otherwise except by h 0- ewgI’8(f>lil10_ process, cloth-lined, or reenforced papers, and greaseiproof m°mu”°°’ an rmrtatron parchment papers_wh1ch have been supercalen ered and rendered. transparent or partially so, by whatever name known, all otlogri igreasetipsroof and rlpcutstltzon parchmelrétl papers, not speprally ro rin ti , w tever name wn, , env , t iindwall otliier articldsficcoriiilposyeid wholl or in chief valuw anyooflizlrse foregoing papers, not specially provfiled for in this section, and all Bm°' °t°` boxes of paper pr papier macho or wood covered with any of the foregioing papers or covered or lined cotton or other vegetable fiber, per ad.valorem;albumm1zed or sensitized paper or paper P”°‘°¤’*P'“° 1*1** ·

 for photogr;·ol(;hrc_pprposes, 25_per centum '

ad valoremf; plain basic papers for _ unnmzmg, sensrtrzmg, baryta coiatutg, or or photographic or solar printing processes, 15 per centum a va orem. 325. Pi tures, cale dar? ards, bookl ts, 1 b ls, fla b ds, I·‘**’°¤_,,’°,,g,’*,*°°"’ placards, and other li>.rti_ es: composed cwholalyeor inpishiieigarlialiig of pdmd ` paper lithogaphrcally printed in whole or in part from stone, gelatin, metal, or o er material (except boxes, views of American scenez or objects, and music, and illustrations when forming a part of a perio 'cal or newspa er or of bound or unbound books, accom any1ng' the same, ot speciall rovided for in this section) shall pay diuty at the follow- P · · · wsa rn me mg rates: els and flaps prmted m less than eight colors (bronze cw wid., P" printing to be counted as two colors), but not psrmted ur whole or in part of metal leaf, 15 cents per pound; cigar ban of the same number of colors and printings, 20 cents per pound; labels and flaps orinted in eight or more colors bronze printing to be counted as two co ors), but not gsrrnted in whole or in part of metal leaf, 20 cents per pound; cigar ban of the same num er of colors and printings 25 cents per pound; labels and_flaps printed in whole or in part of metal leaf, 35 cents per pound; cigar bands printed m whole or raolpart of leaf, M 40 cents per und; booklets, 7 cents per gund other articles not B"°“°"" exceeding cig}. one~thousandths of an in in thickness, 15 cents per pound; exceeding ei§ht one-thousandths of an inch and not exceeding twenty one-thouaan ths of an inch thickness and less than thirty- five square inches cutting size in dimension, 5 pound; exoeedmggolght and not exceeding twenty1one—tho ths of an inch rn th1c_ ess and thrrty-five square inc es and over cutting size m dimension, 7 cents per pound; exceeding twenty one-thousandths of an inch rn tlnckness, 5 centsager pound, providing that rn the case of articles herembefore specrii the thickness which shall determine therateofdutytobeimposedshall bethatof thethinnestlitho- 91006°—vor. 38-—rr I-———10