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150 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. · Sess. I. C11. 16. 1913. °*=¤¤¤¤ N- k , chmgs` tu kings, llonncmgs' ilutings, quillings orna- ¢¤?¤:<l`.d"°°`—c°°` hglnts; brandsflloom weve; an ornamented in the process ofiweav-

  • r.s°m*..s*’ ..:*’.2’..*.2·..·:&.,.,.°‘·**·.;; ;...b**#a*.rm°..m=m.;,*.*mg,..*::°bm.,...#;i¥;

nmmmx, eu. provided for woven fa ries orartieles frpmgwhich have been `:_!;¤:li°d» ?:*‘(¤» P¤¤¢=h¤d5r05_<=31t, erlitgtvynth intr<;d];1eed . articles muialilef wlgole or in pag"` div any of the fore£ing a orart1eles· e oregomgo eryams,threa ,or hmm m filamgnts composed, 60*per centumad valorem. _ _ ’ 359. Qhamois skins 151per centum ad valorem; pianoforte, pianoforte action, enameled up olstery leather, and glove leathers, 10 per l" ',,.,.,h‘ m' °’ vdbaslrets belts tchels card k tboeks el “S,°° ‘"° . ‘, , sa cases, oc e 'ew wm L boxes, £0lr·§olios, and other boxes ahd eases, malle whoa]! of br in chief v ue of leather or parchment, not jewelry, and man _ actures of leather or parchment, or of which leather or parchment is the component material of chief value, not speciality provided for m this seotion, 30 pper centum valorem; any of e_ foregoingpermanently £tted_an furmshed with traveIr:§ bottle, drinking, dining, luncheon and similar sets, 35 per centum valorem. ` °'“"" 361. Gloves, not specially provided for in this section, made wholl or in chief value of eather, whether wholl or artly manufactureti w paly duty at the following the ll; fs5i1ted in each case mg the extreme ength s to xtent, : 813:2. Meds, women s} or childijeifs "glaeé" finish, gchmaslzlheinlol p origm), not over ourteen mches in length, $1 per dozen pairs; 0:51; n mches op; length, 25cgce;ts additional per dozen pans for e m excess ourteen m . 363. All other women’s or children’s gloves wholly or in chief value of leather, not over fourteen inches in length $2 per dozen pairs; over foculigteen mchesfip lengthejhcentsauadditioiaal pier dcizen paus for egnuch . m mexcesso ourteen es; men’s t r 1; ‘ cmumm dum. provided for this section, $2.50 per doze1ln;>ail·s.g was ¤0_ spam Y 364. In addition to the foregoing rates there shall be paid the foll;wmg¢;z};mulat1vLe gas all lgatheri gloves when ligedhvlsiith cotnoro erv eee 1-, ‘; ‘ ‘h a knitted glovbgor when lined vgilalli sill§flell:l%1Idr%)*:>11lSw0vdl, gi) cecrlitswpbr dogen pairs; when hned with fur, $2 per dozen pairs; on all piqué and ¤··»· ==·=·»-— *"’§"“e°.“2¤£"&°£§Y$$‘§lr’Z.‘}'.$¤‘fi‘.%‘3.l’£‘»§E?1..u.i ecompm · Pace, shall pay 75 {per centum of the dut provided for the gloves m the C t t uw fabrication 0 which they are suitabge.

 if M Brig; l€$°$Z’?é$“s‘Ll¤°.“m‘gTe°’.K“%¤g?§’ ‘§.I'°""‘ g“" i'¥""%,l“E

3 e or these substances or any of them is the componex(l%01xll.e§terial°ofv‘;:h§zf vzllue, not specially provided for in this section, 20 per centum ad H I v orem. se, »s.m.°fZ°¤§‘°m` 367. Manufactures of amber, asbestos, bladders, or wax or of which these substances or any of them is the component of chief vague, not specialldy provided for m this section 10 per centum ad vf orebgi, ya;11 an woven fabrics composed wholly or in chief value ’*·*···*··=·····= ~* ° $$8 iY$t¤¤l)¤Il°{r§s??»l`1s'$¤°dc`iEl°mm° h - di ,` rubber, . · 6, , ass, , , bm mm. no percha, palm leaf, quills, straw, vyeei, or wlirelllellrwng ldlbggrvhlicilhlly of them is the component material of chief value not otherwise specially provided for m this section, shall be subject to the following rates: Manufactures of india rubber or gutta·percha commonly known as dijuggistsf suudries, 15 per centum ad valorerir manufactures of md1a rubber or gotta-percha, not s iall rovld d f ` this t pec y p e or m sec ion, 10 per centum ad valorem; palm leaf, 15 per centum ad