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srxrrrrnmn comxmss. sm. 1. Cm is. ww. 153 cally mentioned herein or not, whether in whole or in parts, including mn" IM-°°¤“¤· repair parts. - ` 392. Albumen, not ;ipecia1ly (provided for in this section. 393. Alcohol,meth or woo . _ _- _ _ _ Mmm 394. Ahzarumi natural pr synthet1c, and dyes obtamed from ahzarm, ·n395. A1:in0nial=,asi.1dphate of, perchlorate of, and nitrate of. · ` 396. Antimony ore and stibnite containing antimony, but only as to the antimony content. , » 397. Aniy animal_ imported by a citizen of the United States, h,§”"”“'“ '°' "'°°"' specially or breeding plurposes, shall be admitted free, whether intended to be used by the importer himself or for sale for such purposes: Provééicd, Tim so sierigagaing zlhusiu be admitted ssgxitissg ,,,,,,,,, ure bred o a recognized , ·an tered m a o · iacord by the Secretary of Agric§ture for that breed: d And provided jiortlwr, That the certificate of such record and_pedi· ,,,{'°",,,,_"°°'°" °"““‘ gee of such animal shall be produced and submitted to the Depa.rt» ment of Agiculture, duly authenticated by the proper custodian of such boo of record, togeth¤· with an affidavit of theewner, or ammlall is the grlhentéemal apimal ul. msai cemiica reco an pedigree. e rearyo Agric ture pracnbe' such regulatio be uired f detev » ° breedingland Itlhdwidgiizirty ofrgiich And `

gIm·,· at the co ectors of customs   require a cer- ,l§;,_*°gL¤i¤•**¤¤ ¤¤

giiaxiage theclgepartment ofbAfdc;1lnt(p1: upgating that isipcgh am- p of mord recognized by the Secretary of Agriculture for that breed. ‘~·'I'heSecretarg;,of the'1‘r may presmbesuchadditionalregznq ’“‘““"‘°“ ’“‘°“‘ sa·"'%s, "‘“°° °"*t‘1.’°°€,”‘Q.$“;‘Q.%°‘ “‘£2§‘*°¥Q‘“°"* ¤·-··» ·····-· ····· ‘— { asses ymgacross e ary m, any ,0,,,,,, ioreign country, or driven across giich bountgary l?1et1l:y the owner =:¤¤¤¤¤v- mm tem astmnge , toge er wi 611' o sp , its b3"é’I§‘2K¤£.. unless £ms .“"°”t tal to at used stm. e% six bxgionths, jiiegliichtgase they t;hYallfb§1f1·%:f duty, Ennger regulat}ons to rescn e o e usury: promded ur- ‘ . ther, (gmt the proxisions of this Act apply to all such animals °°:*v•£u°m°¤ u as have been imported and are in of uaranture or otherwise in the custody of customs or other officers o the United States at the date of the taking effect of this Act. _ _ — 398. Animals brought into the United States temporarily for a 'od not exceeding six months, for the purpose of breeding, exh1— uv ¤¤¤.•¤· giutxilon or competition for prizes offered by any pol¤,_or racing association_,i)$1ii) atbhgnd shatlgeggm m accordhaazetgwith ::2; m of lm regu1auons' resm Secre o e Treasury; ams ,,,,¤,, · ·· ‘

,     and tackle, and gp wagons or other - w

tu wn persons emigra m ore countries to Unilted) States in actuti nig for the em1gra` ti unersucre 'nsas eSecre Eg pg iuisiriy my pregcliibe; me was animals massa; as x ,_;j·¤·¤····=·~···=···=···= bition in zoolo 'c collections for scientific and educational purposes, and not Er ale or proiit. · 399. Amiatto, roucou, rocoa, or orleans, and all extracts pf. Mmmm M 400. Antitoxins, vaccine virus, and all other serums derived from ‘ animals and for therapeutic purposes. 401. Apatite. 402. Arrowroot in its natural state and not manufactured. 403. Arsenic and sulphide of arsenic, or orpiment. _ Bmw mm} St'404. Aiiltxcles {the growth, gilroduce, or manuflatféxre otgthe mma, ° t , en re a , wi ou avmg beiancsadganced in value or impriiirlgd in coiitdiption by any process of