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154 S1XTY·TIHBD.CONGRESB». Stes. I. Ch. 16- I913· _{'¤ *“'*·°°°*'°· manufacture or other means; steel boxes, cesks, barrels, carboys, bags, and other containers or coverings of American manufacture exrted filled with American products, or uported empty and returned gfled with foreign products, including shocks and staves when returned as barrekorboxes; also quicksilver desks or bottles iron or · steel drums of either domestic or forex manufacture, used for the shipment of ae&, or other chemicals, ch shaR haye been actually P"’°‘°"°"‘"*"°°°‘ rted from the United States; but proof of the identity of suc zxgles shall be made, under general regulations to be prescribed by the Secretary df the Treasury, but the exemption of bags from duty shall apply only to such domestic as may be by the exporter thereof and any such· articles are subyect to mtemalrevenue tax at the time of exportation such tax shall be proved to ,,Z"°°°"‘*“°’°°"’ have been paid before exportation and not refunded; photographic dry plates or films of American manufacture (except moving-picture films), exposed abroad, whiéger developed or noti and Elms from movmgépicture maehmes, struck or otherwise amalggd, or wom ut t beunsuitble ran ther uijposethan erecovery gf theizoagstitugnt matigiiagsigirpivideld the lliasic arelpgn man , utprooote entity articess - e Im d eral regulatiom t be rescribed b the Secre of the $5’•nY¤°»¤. m` articles exportedofrompthe United yétates for may "° {§"“"’°" “"$‘L.£‘fiL$`“Lt‘*‘e2 tilt °"°.?i.£‘i.‘2.'“i§'° its ° "°";'ZZ?§ t rate at e 1 wo · su ’ec im dude: conditions tions to be prescribed & the Secprgtary §%f°,j;,,,_ of the Treasury: l , That this paragraph sh not apiply to any article upon which an allowance of drawback has been ma e, the reixnportation of which is hereby (prohibited except uponlpayment of dut1es_e¢g1Oaldt;1 the drawbacks ovgezlé or so any &l'C1C_Q max;uL§acturedm n warehousean o un eran rov1s1o :

,,,°Q§,g'.§ °°°'°°° "' $131 pmvide¢gJur{h§r, That whe·§pn;an11facti3·ed golgacco wlliégiuhzs

n e ort wit out ayment o intern -re t be

 it shall be retgined in the custody of lzrhegllgvlletzxtog of customs until mternal-revenue stamps in payment of the legal duties

B°*°¤*¤¢ °¤”¤*‘·*· shall_be placed thereon: And further, That the provisions of thisparagraph shall ipe;) ;pp y to animals made dutiable under the .4»¢.,p.m. provisions o paragrap . 405. Asafetida. 406. Asbestos, unmanufactured. wm m 407. Ashes, wood and lye of, and beet-root ashes. _ _ ‘*•¤*¤¢· · 408. for cotton, gunny cloth, and similar fabrics, suitable for covering cotton composed of s le yarns made of jute, jute butts, seg; Russian seg, Idgew Zealangl tow, blilparglegliaxa tow, aloe, mill waste, cot on tares, or 0 er materi not , yed, col red, thed, painted, or prmted, not exceeding sixteen threads to the) squai·e8§ch, counting the warp and fillmg, and weighing not less than fifteen a own, no e , , co o , , te , amzzzsszszuymi *%::1* .:;;:s¤.{·;·s·°* ‘f*.Z‘.§‘g’§’ luzayass by or rendered noninilammable by any roycess; and wadtglblf anlyrblf the aboge a]1§t1% iugaiglg for the manufacture of paper. 4 9. a 0 1 . C*°°’*°"* *’•'*·°°°· °x€10.t€I§arks, cinchona or other, from which quinine may be 1-ac . 411. Bauxiteorbe `te, d , treiined th d in condition from its hgiluralcggatg. no Or 0 G1-mss S vmced 412. Beeswax. 413. Bells, broken, and bell metal, broken and fit only to be °""°°‘ mlgxullsigles, comprising the books of the Old or New Testament or both, bound or unbound. '