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SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 16. 1913. 155 415. All binding twine manufactured from New Zealand hemp, u°§}'·' L”'“·°°¤**·* manila, istle or Tampico fiber, sisal grass, or sunn, or a mixture of Bindinz twine. any two or more of them, of single p y and measuring not exceeding seven hundred and fifty feet to the pound. Bm df B th;16. Birds and land and water fowls, not specially provided for in "‘° °" ' ` section. 417. Biscuits, bread, and wafers, not specially provided for in this section. 418. Bismuth. . 419. Bladders, and all integuments, tendons and intestines of animals and fish sounds, crude, dried or salted for preservation only, and unmanufactured, not specially provided for in this section. 420. Blood, dried, not splecially provided for in this section. 421. Blue Ivgtriol, or sulp ate of copper; acetate and subacetate of cop r, or ve .

 Boltingliillolsths composed of silk, imported expressly for milling °°"""°'°""`

purposes, and so permanently marked as not to be available for any other use. Press cloths comlposed of camel’s hair, imported expremly for oil milling puiposes, an marked so as to indicate that it is for such purposes, an cut mto lengths not to exceed seventy-two inches and woven in widths not un er ten inches nor to exceed fifteen inches and weighing not less than 0ne—half pound per square foot. 423. Bones, cru e, burned calcined, ground, steamed, but not otl&ebrv;ise81;1]a;.nufacmred, and bone dust or animal carbon, bone meal, an ne . 424. Books, engravings, hotographs, etchings, bound or unbound, ¥3$'é’;;$;,*f-’.;,.,..t.,,,. maps and charts imported authority or for the use of the United States cig felis the use of the `brary of hs Mh mm um 425. oo , ma s, mimic, engravingj otogra , etch1ngs° , ’ o- m,,,,_ graphic prints, boiind or unbound, and charts, whlich shall have been printed more than twengy years at the date of importation, and all ydrographic charts, an publications issued for their ubscribexs or °°"°”’°*°‘ exchanges by scientific and literary associations or academies, or · publications of individuals for gratuitous private circulation, not advertising matter, and public documents issued by foreign governments. 426. Books and pamphlets printed wholly or chiefly in languages I" °“‘°"""‘“"°‘ other than English; also books and music in raised print, used exc u- M mum` sively by the b d, and textbooks used in schools and other educatiogalbinstitutions; Brmllggtplblegslingubmiltisimm, special apparatus an ojectsservingtote e ,mc print' ap aratus

 presses, and types for the use anillgbenefitngf tge blind

exc usiv y _ _ _ or _ _ 427. Books, maps, music, engraymgs, photggraphs, etchmgs, F *"'"“‘"°“" ‘°‘ hthographic prints, and charts, specially import , not more than two copies in any one invoice, m good faith, for the use and bly order of any or institution inclpglporated or established so ely for religious, p osophical, educatio , scientific, or literary dpurposcs, or or the encouragement of the fine arts, or for the use an bylorder of any college, aca emy, school or seminary of learning in the nited States, pr any State or public not for sale, subject to such regulations as the Secretary of the uri shall prescribe. 428. Books, libraries, usual and reasona le furniture, and similar H°°°°h°m°°°"" household_e;Eects of persons or families from foreign cotmtriw, all the foregoing 1f actually used abroad by them not less than one year, and not intended for andy other person or persons, nor for sale. _ 429. Borax, cm e and unmanufactured, and borate of lime, soda, and ogigrfbomteghrpgandm, crude and unmanufactured, not otherwise provi or m section. 430. Brass, old brass, clippings from brass or Dutch metal, all the foregoing, fit only for remanufacture.