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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 16. 1913. 157 472. Cuttlefish bone. u°§¤¤ ¤=¤—<>¤¤¤¤¤ 473. Dandelion roots, raw, dried or imdried, but unground. ` 474. Glaziers’ and engravers’ diamonds, unset, miners’ diamonds. 475. II;ivi— d 476. ragon’s oo ._ 477. Drugs, such as barks, beans, berries, buds, bulbs, bulbous ,,°‘§‘g§§‘{,,§'“¤'· °‘°·· roots, excrescences fruits {lowers, dried fibers, dried insects, grains, gums, $1111 resin, herbs, leaves, lichens, mosses, logs, roots, stems, vegetab es, seeds (aromatic, not garden seeds), seeds of morbid growth, weeds; ang of the foregoing which are natural and uncompounded drugs an not edible and not specially provided for in this iect£p,da(pd are 3. cruxgpd state, not adyanced in valule or condition y e m , grin mg, mg, crushing, or an other process or treatment wliatever beyoncflihat essentia to the ypropertpacking of the drugs and the prevention of decay or deterioration pen ing manu- PWM facture: Promkled, That no article containing alcoho shall be ad- Neeemiamingema mitted free of duty under this paragraph. lm; 478. Eggs of (poultry, birds, fish, and insects (except Esh roe pre- FWZ served for foo purposes): Provided however, That the importa- rmmbaiezr tion of eggs of game irds or eggs of birds not used for food, except slglecimens for scientific collections, is prohibited: Provided further, at the importation of game birds for piuposes of propaga- E¤¤‘°‘*°‘“° “'°“· tion is hereby autho , under rules and regulations to be prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury. . 47il;.u:EII161’y:5);‘((i pnd corundum, and crude artificial abrasives, not spec provi or. 480. hans, common palm-leaffipllain and not omamented or dee P“‘”’°"· "““· °“" orated in any manner, and p leaf in its natural state, not colored, dyed, or otherwise advanced or manufactured. 481. gmt, adhezgg, for sheathing vessels. 482. ‘ rin, in orms. _ 483. Fresh-water fish, and all other fish not otherwise specially F“"* providegfplr ilzputshis section. 484. is s . 485. Flax straw, flax, not hackled or dressed; flax hackled, known ““· as "dressed line," tow of flax and flax noils; hemp, and tow of hemp; hemp hackled, known as "line of hemp." · 486. flints, and Hint stones, uugronmd. 487. 0ss` . 488. Fruits or berries, geen, ripe, or dried, and fruits in brine, not F”“" ‘“" "°”*°•- speciall%_ provided for in is section. 489. ruit plants, tropical and semitropical, for the purpose of propagation or cultivation. F I I M 490. Fulminates, fulminating powder, and other like articles not spe¢·iall%_provided for in this section. mn 491. Gursband fur skins, undressed. ` 492. am ier. 493. Glass enamel, white, for watch and clock dials. 494. Glass plates or disks, rough-cut or unwrought, for use in the G’”’ ‘““‘”· °‘°· manufacture of optical instruments, spectacles, and eyeglasses, and Mm suitable only for such use: Promkled however, That such disks exceed- pumfgg ..¤,,w.,d_ ing eight inches in diameter may be polished sufficiently to enable the character of the glass to be determined. Lum gl 495._Gl0ves, made wholly or in chief value of leather made from ° °v°°° horsehides, and cattle hides of cattle of the bovine species, exceptuzg c skins, whether wholly or partly manufactured. 496. oldbeaters’ molds and goldbeaters’ skins. G md 497. Grasses and fibers: Istle or Tampico fiber, jute, jute butts, °`°°° mm manila, sisal grass, sunn, and all other textile grasses or fibrous vegetable substances, not dressed or manufactured in any manner, and not specially provided for in this section.