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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 16. 1913. 159 shoe laces, finished or imfinished; harness, saddles, and saddlery, in MFE I·¤’··°¤¤¤¤· sets or in parts, finished or unfinished. ` 531. Leeches. 532. Lemon juice, lime juice, and sour 0 °uice, all the foregoing containing not more than 2 per centum of allcohol. 533. Lifeboats and life-saving apparatus spexsially imported by ,u{j”°‘°*"¤¢ *1*1***** societies and institutions incorporated or established to encourage the saving of human life. 534. L1mestone—r0ck asphalt; asphaltum, and bitumen. ·*“°’““·°*°· 535. Lithographic stones, not engraved. 536. Litmus, prepared or not prepared. 537. Loadstones. 538. Madder and munjeet, or Indian madder, ground or prepared, and all extracts of. 539. Magnesite, crude or calcined, not purified. 540. Manganese, oxide and ore of. 541. Manna. 542. Manuscripts. ~ 543. Marrow, crude. ` 544. Marshmallow or althea root, leaves or iiowers, natural or unimanufactured. 545. Meats: Fresh beef, veal, mutton, lamb, and pork; bacon and °‘°""· hams; meats of all kinds, lprepared or preserved, not specially fpro- P vided for in this section: rovided, however, That none of the ore- neauii mq¤h•· going meats shall be admitted into the United States unless the same “‘°"“· is healthful, wholesome and iit for human food and contains no dye, chemical, preservative, or ingredient which renders the same unhealthful, unwholesome or unfit for human food, and nmless the same also cornlplies with the rules and regulations made by the Secretary of Agric ture, and that, after entry into the United States in mfg **.;-3 compliance with said rules and regulations, said meats shall pumfood be deemed and treated as domestic meats within the meaniuglof and VOL M Pp 6,, M shall be subject to the revisions of the Act of June thirtie , nine- ’ ' teen hundred and six ('llh.i.rty-fourth Statutes at Large, page six hundred and seventy-four), commonly called the Meat nspection Amendment, and the Act of June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and six (Thirty-fourth Statutes at Large, dpage seven hundred and sixty- eight), commonly called the Food an Drugs Act, and that the Sec- m§,'g[°°· °'°·· ‘° *° retaiy of Agricu ture be and hereby is authorized to make rules and regulations to carry out the purposes of this paragraph, and that in such rules and regulations the Secretary of Agncu ture may prescribe the terms and conditions for the destruction for food purposes of all such meats offered for entry and refused admission mto the United States unless the same be exported by the consignee within the time iixed therefor in such mles and regulations. 546. Medals of gold, silver, or copper, and other articles actually “°°"‘· "°*"“°'·'*°· bestowed as trophies or prizes, and received and accepted as honorary distinctions. 547. Milk and cream including milk or cream preserved or condensed, or sterilized by heating or other processes, and sugar of milk. 548. Mineral salts obtained by evaporation from mineral waters, ’"""""""· when accompanied by a duly authenticated certificate and satisfactory proof showing that they are in no way artificially prepared and are only thejpuro act of a designated mineral spring. cme I I 549. erals, crude, or not advanced in value or condition by renning or grinding, or by other process of manufacture, not specially provided for in this section. _ , _ 550. Miners’ rescue appliances, designed for emergency use in mm '°°°°° °p°h` mines where artuicial breathing is necessary in the presence of poisonous gases, to aid m the saving of human life, and mmers’ safety amps and parts, accessories, and appliances for cleaning, repairing, and operating all the foregomg.