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XX LIST OF PUBLIC ACIS AND REOLUTIONS. Publk bu¢ldmg' , Garden City, Kam. An Act To increase the limit of cost of the United States poetoffice building at Garden CitXj¤Ka.usas. 4, 1915: . .,.: _ . . 1212 Publk lands, ezdumge wide Utah. Act Autborrzing and dxrecuug the Secretary of the Iutenor to patent certain lands to the Stats ol Utah an to accept relmqumhment from the State of Utah of cerhnin other lands in lieu thereof. March 4, 1915 _ ... 1212 Public lands, Alaska school aectrbrur. An Act To reserve lands to the Terntory of Alaska for educa.- ticml uses, and for other . March 4, 19l5..._ . 1214 Reclanuszian Act, mink: reli u Act For the relief of homestead entzymen under the reclamation projects of the Umhod States. Munch 4, 1915 .·..····-----···-~··· ~ ·····----- 1215 Bnilge, Rocky River. An Act Granting the consent of Cougrem to the Cleyelaud Yacht Club Comy to ccmtruct a. bridge acmm the west arm of Rocky River, Ohm. March 4, 1915 .. 1218 Slaunx An Act To amend sections forty-four hundred and twenty-one, f Jour ln a.nd‘twenty-two, forty ·four hundred mq twenty-three, forty-four hungg and twenty-four, and forty-four hundred and muety-eaght of the Reymod Statutes of the United States, and section twelve of the Act of May twentycnghth, mneteen humdrnd and eight, #1 c_e;7rti!ic‘;rtesA0f1,i_¤pection of T veseleu Mairch 4, :..1; 1216 Publebbuildm, `ns . a. u ct oincrense cappmprm. ou orapu uildmg Elkim, {Vest V' ’ . March 4 1915 . - -.· , ---. 1218 Public building, F , Ga. An Act 'i‘o construct a. public building for a post office at the city of Forsyth, Georgm. March 4, 1915 ... . . . _ .. 1218 Lrmedriau trumpormtirm, Van Buren, llc. An Act To make Vern Buren, Maine, a. port through

 merchandise may be imparted for tnusportatron without spprmsement. March 4, 1219

191 . . ... - . Public bu·iZdéng_, Cohoes, NZ K An Act To increase the limit of cost of the United States post- · o5ce burjdirgkmd site at Cohoes New York. March 4, 1915 . 1219 G.m“· %2z..'"·"‘,.,r· "§“’Zr‘“· $2* é;§'£$£’“J,““‘° °°"“‘“ £L""é%§‘{ °“z‘:‘h’°· 3.‘“'°" *·33§§.··,.· ’“‘” ' ., .ncfe"e•certain o omiuecio ' ékhboms. March 4, 1915 ... Z ... Z . ._ .. .. - 1219 Bridge, Pearl River. An Act To sutjngrrze the construction of s budge amos Pearl River at or . neu the cig of Bogalus,_L0m¤m¤s. March 4, 1915 ... . .,,...,, 1220 Publiobuilging, _ li.•,1lmn. AnActToch¤.ngethem.me0£theoldpcet-oiIicebui1ding — •t l£:.naota. Marclr4, 1915 ...,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,_,__, 1229 Bridge .Il13n¤g,wp• Rwer. An Act Granting the consent of Congress to the Keokuk and Hamilton

 ompany in construct s. budge scrum the liisiaippi River at Keokuk, Ion.

4, 1915 .. . _ , ,,,,,,,,,____ mm RESOLUTIONS. Congressional employees December 1914 aalarkr. Joint Resolution Authonzmg' the Secre of the Senate die Clerk of the gouso to pay the 0$cers and employees of the semtggua House, including the Capitol pohce, their respective salaries for the month of December, irgneteen hundred and fourteen, on the twenty-second day of said mouth. December 22, 14 ,..,,._.,,.,,..,,,,.,,..,,_,.,,,.. , ..,,,,,_,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,_,,__,,.,,,,_ 1221 Bell of ll S. S. "Prinuton." Joint Resolution° the Secre of the Na to reseu Jtthe bel] of the lng States swamahip Princeton to the grryrough of Pdzzemg, Nev: eney. snuary , .. Crmoda, patent;. {oiut Resolution Authorizi the Commissioner of Patents to exchange printed 1221 gopieq or Qmted Surge; petergts with thesbominiou of Canada. January 14, 1915 ... 1221 Panmna-Caéfomm Expontum, detml of Army egicer. Joint Resolution To provide for the detail oi ?l1 office; of the grrrglgor duty with the Pa¤•rm~0al.iforrri». Exposition, Sam Diego, Caliomm, gnu , ,,,,.,...,,..,.,.. . .,.. , .,.,.,,,...,...,. 122] J[¤jorGmeml Gmrgeagmdon Meade statue. Joint Resolution ’ the selection ofasitefor the erection of a statue in Washington, District of Colum to t c memo ‘ General George Gordon Meede._ January 21, 1915 1222 Inumat•qnal_Edua¤tgon Congreu. Jomt Resolution Requesting the President of the United Stat; tl? mvrte g§re§’r;5Govem11ments to participate in the International Congress on Education. rw- mz mm lm". Jam nmnuuou Authonw · me sm; ``'" {rio} `'`‘‘`’° ‘ ‘‘‘‘‘‘ mz mlepf fur-seal skins now in the pomession 0 the Govergnznt u11ti-i1:i;¥1°tir(;rg9a71t¥n?li1zstgiicreuou he may deem such sale advisable. February 24, 1915 ... 1222 Grand 4rmy enoampmqnt, Wz.shin{lc·n, D. C'. Joint hsolutiou Giving authority to- mpners of the District: of C0 umbia to make special regulations for the occasion of the forty- mnth eucampment of the Grand Army of the Republic to be held in the District of Columbus m the mouths of September and October, umeteeri hundred and fifteen md for other purposes incidental to mid eucampment. March 3, 1915 ... , 1222 New York Harbor. mp; Resolution Auth · · the Secretary of wm- to use ¤h§ §ii6£¤£¤éi{€ uuqer the Xruvimons of an Act spp ber second, nineteen hundred and fourtee 9 ermqed ** xr Act: making appropriations for the construction, repair and preservation X4:} - certam Egbhc works on rivers and harbors, and for other purposes " ior the mv t of Eggi; lvm- and Hel} Gate, New Ym·k_ Mgrgh 3, 1915 _______ _ _ _ _’_ nap amen Income tax rqtw-na refrmqed'. Joint Romlution To refund under certain conéitioue; l - . - : -1;. 1224 offers m compromise for failure to make the return required under the Act of third umewzeen hundred md thirteen. said offers in compromise having been covered into th, Treasury, and for other purposes. March 4. 1915 ... ? 1225