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162 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS; #Sms. I. Ch. 16. 1913. ¤$‘_¤* I¤‘··°¤¤“¤· 594. Santonin, and its combinations with acids not subject to duty under this section. » $**9*- 595. Seeds: Cardamom, cauliilowen celery, coriander, cotton, cummin, fennel, fenugreek, hemp, hoarhound, mangelwurzel, mustard, rape, Saint John’s bread or bean, sorghum, sugar beet, and sugar cane for seed; bulbs and bulbous roots, not edib e and not otherwise provided for in this section; all flower and grass seeds;_ comferouss evergreen seedlings; all the foregoing not specially provided for rn this section. ’ 596.glicctgunpdiPb ls` l tbesf d hb d 597. o arre,ms eu ,oe,roug ore. S1¤>¤¤¤h» 598. Shrimps, lobsters, anldgother shelliig. 599. Silkcocoons and silk waste. Si¤=.¤·- 600. Silk, raw in skeins reeled from the cocoon, or rereeled, but not wound, doubled, twisted, or advanced m manufacture m any wa . gill. Silkworm eggs. 602. Skeletons and other preparations of anatomy. S¤¤¤· 603. Skins of hares, rabbits, dogs, goats, and shee , undresed. e Hi°¤»·*¤=· 604. Skins of all kinds, raw, and hides not provided for in this section. san. 605. Soda arseniate of, sciyanide of, sulphate of, crude, or salt cake and niteS1;)cal%g soda ash, `cate of, nitrate of, or cubic nitrate. 606.· ya ans. . 607. S ens of natural history, botan , and mineral , when impo scienti£c public collections, ahd not for saldlgy

6109. Slliurs and stilts used in the manufacture of earthen, porcelain, an stone ware. · Stamps. 610. Stamps: Foreign postage or revenue stamps, canceled or uncauceled, and foreign government stamtped post cards bearing no other printing than the official imprint eneon. S°¤*¤•*!·*•=¤“¤»¢*¢· 611. Statuary and casts of sculpture for use as models or for ar·t common-. educational purposes only; regaha and gems, where specially imported in good aith for the use and by order of any society incorporated or established solely for religious, philosophical, educational, scientific, or literary purposes, or for the encouragement of the fine arts, or for the use and by order of any college, academ , school, seminary of learning, orphan asylum, or public hospital in the United States, or any State or public libr , and not for sale, sub'ect to such regulations as the Secretary ofuige Treasury shall prescrige; but F·°¢¤¤¤ ¢¤¤¤¤’¤¤<*· the term "regaha" as herein used shall be held to embrace only such insignia of rank or office or emblems as may be worn upon the person or borne in the hand during public exercises of the society or institution? and shall not iniludb articles of furniture or fixtures, or of regu ar wearing appare , nor personal ro rt of individuals. ,,,,?,§§°,},,,§§’_'@‘{,.‘f"°‘* 612_. Steel engraved forms for bonds, dgbeliriiuires, stock certificates, negotiable receipts, notes and other securities; and engraved steel plates, dies and rolls, suitable for use in engraving or printing bonds qmy on t at stock cgriztifipates pr other (pecurities. ' m;mm§1€.u;)° °-·¤ 613. ee _ 0 s,_cogge ts blooms and slabs, die bloc or g W blanks, and b)iITl€>ts, if made lilyglzlre, Bessemer, Siemens-Martin, cligeu. hearth or similar processes, not containing alloy, such as nickel, cobalt, vanadium, chromium, tungsten, or Wolfram, molybdenum titanium, indium uranium, tantalum, boron, and similar alloys. ’ S‘°°"“’“““d· 614. Stone and Sand: Bu1TSt0ne in blocks, rough or unmanufactured; rotten stone, tripoli, and sand, crude or manufactured· cliff stone, freestone, vranite, sandstone, and limestone, unmanufacliured and not suitable For use as monumental or building stone; all of thd foregoing not specially provided for in this section.