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180 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sus. I. Ch. 16. 1913. ,,f,°_;’_’“ ’¤"‘°°'* and refund of internal-revenue taxes not heretofore specifically plepezled and (ppg incgnsistgnt tthp provigioriils of this sectiop, sg; ereyexten anmaea 'ca etoa te rovisionso t' section and to the tax herein P rgamema ran. M. That_tl1e provisions of this section shall extend_to Porto Rico

 and the Phihpprne Islands: Provided, That the administration of the

°m°ggj¤*°¤¤v*¤¤¤¤* law and the collection of the taxes imposed in Porto Rico and the Phrhppme Islands shall be by the appropriate internal·revenue officers of thosegoycrnments, and all revenues collected in Porto Rico and the Phihppgxetglslauds thereundef shlailqldaccrnne to thetlgenerinl Jurisdiction or rim- vernmen ereo res tiv : proved u t t ’”*”°°°°‘“ ]i;r·isdiction this sdctionwcbnfdrgred upon the district coiirts bf the mted_States shall, so far as the Philippine Islands are concerned, be vested m the courts of the first instance of said islands: And u§,•u>&e‘;' yrfgfwggf further, Tlhat nothing m_tlns section shall be held to exclude rom the came. computation of the net mcome_ the oompensationljpaid any official by the governments of the of umbra, orto Rico and the Appmpmm for Pl1§l1p,p_1£1l3;Ipg£ant<%1s;o; the gohpxcal subdrvrppnsgthzretgf. _ _ f ,,,,,,,,,,_ : _ l11'p0S 0 carrying m e ec e rovrsions 0 Section II of this Act, and pay the expenses of assesging and collecting the income tax therem nnposed, and to pay such sums as the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, with the approval of the Secret:y;)>f_the may deem necessary, for igfiilrmatgon, ilftection, a rmgm _ an punishment persons °tyo vio f the provisions ogi this section, or conmvm(g at the same, in casesmvghere such expenses are not othermse provided for by law, there is hereby appropriated out of any`money_in the Treasury not otherwise ap ro- A Mmmm I m priated for the fiscal year ending June thirtxeth,_ nineteen hnmrhed mmfm ° ° · §nd fourteenih thph sum of auxghe C0mm;_ss1]<;ne1'i_1of Internal evenue wi e approv 0 e cret the ' authorized to appomt and pay from this apgrrglpiiation all(ii1;c`gsysh11·; officers, agents, inspectors, deputy collectors, c erks, messengers and 0¢¤·=r¤¤r>¤¤¤¤¤- jamtors, and rent such quarters, purchase such supplies, equipment, mechanical devices, and other art1cles as may be necessary for l employment or use in the District of Columbia or a.ny collection disgmygim on mb trict m the United States, or_ any of the Territories thereof: Provided, pamuen. That no agent paid from this appropriation shall receive compensation at a rate hnggrer than that now received by traveling agents on ppggnpgts 1u the xiterngl llievtelpue gergce, arid nodréispector shall acompcnsaion ger an a a an $3 `t al' li gfngptpsmtepcgbmd ple gleputgr cpllector, clerk, medsengeigflorudthlaxf yee s a_ e par a a ra e o compensation her th th t réglwpilgging paid for the same or similar work in tlileiglnterndlllteiieliiug <>¤*·=· of €¤¤¤¤¤¤- In the office of the Commissf f I t I R I -

   tm, District of comma. aei2“§£Ji¤ JL i.‘§§0st2`Zf’f}°{’ifBv<°$§‘?I.f¤`§‘i§

,;,,_,,’·b_ U6? ‘° · snoner of Internal Revenue, with the approval of the Secretar of the Treasury one additional deputy commissioner, at a salary o{$4,000 per annumj two heads of divisions whose compensation shall not excepd $2,o0Odper annum; and such other clerks, messengers, and Pm, $§“}LZ’°§Z’ 3§1ZZr§°?`i»S~mdr“°i’ 3“"»?{°`§€ §Z,‘}dJ§e¥i“’&’h?‘€ S“"h S“"F"°" mm¤si' loneroan- ° . O 0 WO gggiggglhgfegg ta. nggfsthpnyéaésiplgg gflfhfs Act the forge :§nage{1its,ldeputyyd¢?ll.SectIo¥: » _ p_0 ees no mc u t the grade of cluef of divisibn employed irigtheegdbrldgiil i>(l'mI(ixi;)cid1(i;l Revenue m_the cityipf Washmggon, Distmct of Columbia authorized by this section of t _ Act shall e appointed by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, with the approval of the Secretary of the Treasury under such rules_and reigulatnons as may be fixed by the Secretary of ¤¤¤¤v¤¤¤¢m the Treasury to msure arthful and competent service and with such compensation as the Commissioner of Internal Revemie may fix, with