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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 16. 1913. 197 the laws of the United States: Provided, That nothing in this sub- §{_gg{~;°é Bm mm, section shall be so construed as to abrogate or in any mannerimpair rented. ’ ’ or affect the provisions of any treaty concluded between the United States and any foreign nation. K. The privilege of purchasing suplplies from public warehouses, w§1,°Pg}*Ss°g,s”,,{:”*g free of duty, an from bonded man acturing warehouses, free of purchawdme Jtax. dutéy or of interna.l—revenue tax, as the case may be, shall be extended, §Y§_?$;,§fh$§5,p_575, un er such regulations as the Secretary of the Treas1u·y shall prescribe, to the vessels of war of any nation in ports of the United States which may reciprocate suc privileges toward the vessels of war of the United States in its ports. ` L. That whenever andy vessel la en with merchandise, in whole ;,°‘},b‘$“§§§‘,?°,¤,§,$,2,‘l§ or in part subject to uty; has been sunk in any river, harbor bay, or waters subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, and R.é.,¤é¤.és¤2,p.4¤¤. within its limits, for the period of two years, and is abandoned by the owner thereof, any person who may raise such vessel shall be permitted to bring any merchandise recovered therefrom into the plpgt nearestttof the pliace me such yessel gas so free from aymen o any uty eu , ut uu er suc re ations as . the Secretarylof the Treasury mgm prescribe. * M. That a articles manufactured in whole or in part of imported materials, orof materials subject to internal·revenue tax, and intended mm ¤¤n*:¤{¤{ax¤PM for e tion without being charged with dug, and without having voifise, p. as. ' ain in -revenue stamp affixed thereto, sh , under such regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe, in order to be so manufactured and exported, be made and manufactured in bonded warehouses similar to those known and desjgnated in Treasury Regulations as bonded warehouses, class six: rovided, That the §°g,"'§f°" manufacturer of such articles shall first give satisfactory bonds for the f aithful observance of all the provisions of law and of such regulations as shall be prescribed by the Secretalriy of the Treasury: zhrovakled mtmod mm ¤_ further, That the manufacture of dist' ed spirits from grain, starch, asm. molasses, or sugar, including all dilutions or mixtures of them or rather of them, shall not be permitted in such manufacturing wareouses. _ Whenever goods manufactured in any bonded warehouse estab- ,,§`,§f,§§§,',§’°'°° hshed under the provisions of the precedinag paragraph shall be exported directly therefrom or shall be duly 1 en for transportation and immediate exportation under the supervision of the proper officer who shall be duly designated for t at purpose, such goods shall be exempt from duty and from the requirements relating to revenue stamps. _ Any materials used in the manufacture of such mgoods, and any ,,§§f“"’°‘ °‘ “"‘*" packages, coverings, vessels, brands, and labels us in putting up the same may, un er the regulations of the Secretary of the Treasury, be conveyed without the payment of revenue tax or duty into any bonded manufacturing ware ouse, and imported goods may, under the aforesaid regulations, be transferred without the exaction of duty from any bonded warehouse into any bonded manufacturing warehouse; but this privilege shall not be held to apply to imple- m2,*gf}g°¤»°*¢·¤°* ments, machinery, or apparatus to be used in the c0nstruction_ or riipair of any bonded manufacturing warehouse or for the prosecution o the business carried on therein. _ No articles or materials received into such bonded manufacturing dI§$,g°,;**¤*¤¤ °* 1*****- warehouse shall be withdrawn or removed therefrom except for ' direct shipment and exportation or for transportation a:nd_immed1ate exportation 111 bond to foreign countries or to the Phihppme Islands under the sulpervision of the officer duly designated therefor by the collector of the port, who shall certify to such shipment and exportation, or ladening for transportation, as the case may be, descmbmg