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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sm I. Ons. 1, 2. 1913. 3 sulpoplies and_ services; from rentals, wharfage, and so forth; from la r, materials, and supplies and other services frunished vessels and to those unable to o tain similar labor, materials, sulpplies, and services elsewhere, shall be credited to the appropriation om which payments for the materials, supplies, labor, or other services were _ _ oizginally made; except that moneys received from the sale of mate- mt°Xi]°ii°cifi°tuti»qé`$$Z 1’1 and eq)u1pment purchased and for construction purposes, and °'°d *,*1*** °h° '*"°°°°*’Y· as a reim ursement for the expenditures incurred in constructing waterworlgs, sewers, and pavements in the cities of Panama and Colon, including interest on such expenditures, excluding payments on account 0 the expenses for mamtenance of such waterworks, sewers, A and pavements incurred under_ agreement with the Panama Government, and otherwise herein disposed of, shall he covered into the Treasury as miscellaneous receipts· and except that after the canal ¤¤¤¤¤1~r¤¤¤¤- is opened for use and operation the net fumes from the 'cipgzations herein authorized shall annu y be covere into the ury of the United States, as provided for the profits accruing from the busmess authorized m section six of the Panama Canal Act. v°’· 3’· P· “‘· That xmtil the close of the fiscaliyear mneteen hundred and fourteen, m§n¤;¤rgg¤¤¤!*;sM¤ig when any material, supplies, an equipment heretofore or hereafter me Gvamiz aivinu. purchased or acquired or the construction of the Panama Canalis no ‘“‘· onger needed, or is no longer serviceable, it may be sold in such manner as the President may direct, and without advertising in such classes of cases as may be authorized by him. RENTAL OF BUILDINGS. D1$f:;‘c,\",f_$‘P“'§ Sec. 3. Hereafter the statement of buildings rented within the B‘•*°¤*°¤*“’*'*°'°"° District of Columbia for use of the Government, required by the Act wh °f nm sw" of July sixteenth, eighteen hundred and ninety-two (Statutes at ·V°" "·*"1°°‘ Laglge, volume twenty-seven, page one hundre and ninety-nine), sh mdieate as to each buildinggented the area thereof in square feet of available floor space for vemment uses, the rate gi per square foot for such Hoor space, the assessed valuation of ea bu d- ’ , and what proportion, if any, of the rental paid includes heat, @1t, elevator, or other service. Approved, May 1, 1913. CHAP. 2.-An Act Providing certain legislation for the Panama California liilykzhigiif Exposition to be held in San Diego, California, during the year nineteen hundred and fifteen. ’ Be itemwtedbytIwSenoteandHous;ie¢:7fI'%geeentat1h:es<ythe United States of America in Congress aesern , t the Secretary of the hwg. ¤¤¤Y¤r¤i¤ Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to require lgogilmlt mma tg the Panama California Exposition Company, of San Diego, California, f,"¥g“§§§°'gx§`,e°‘:g’,”{{ to deposit with a depository, to be named by the Secretary of the •w¤rd¤. etc. T ch sum or sums of money as in the discretion of the Secretary be necessariy to cover awards, medals, certificates, prizes, and premiums, and al other obligations incurred by said corporatron with exhibitors at the Panama Califomia Exposition, which money shall be held by said depository as a ledgpoto the United States Government for a faithful fulfillment of tihe a ve obligations; A or the Secretary of the Treasury may, in lieu of such cash pledge, mugpmw °' md accept a good and sufficient bond from said exposition company, to be approved by him and conditioned for the faithful performance of every liability or obligation incurred by said exposition company in respfect to exhibitors at said exposition, to be held in San Diego, C ornia, durug-‘the_year nineteen hundred and fifteen. _Sr;c. 2. That articles that shall be imported from foreign coun- ,,,§$_§*;•,,_‘°'·d$,{,‘,’§‘,‘,j‘_,· tries for the sole purpose of exhibition at the Panama California he-