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204 SIXTY -THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ons. 19-21. 1913. hi thirt ht d thjrt ·nine east range forty-seven north ilgdilinst Bilablo lirageigandiiliieridiaryi, being ori the north boundary lme of then State of Nevada; gh;-xiii? south on lmexilggtvyfiegln to ° y-eig t an y-nine eas or ersec_ _ _ th%Vi*i*ii“¤*cssm“6A¤9Iz2· Ssattsséasbtatmgne wenra es enan six en _ _ » tliencdeast[i5o1§lsaid third standard para.l1eln0rth_to the intersection. of the Rub V ey guide meridian, oing the dividing hne between townships hfifty-five and fifty-six east; thence south along said Ruby Valle]? guide to its intersection with the first standard para el north, berng the dividing l1ne,between ranges five and six north of Moimt Dia lo base line; thence east_alongsa1d first standard Egralfel north, between said ranges five and six, to the east boundary line **2* was 2‘NN"z‘*·11, t:*;m.i.¤u;’d°..,¤g e o o eva a 1·=¤<¤¤¤¤¤¤- Nevada; thence west along the north bopnda1·Ell]ine_of the State of Nplyada. go th; pgint of citylolfmd ohm the goggityhag E,' 'teasesnosax oceans trict)sl;11lBbgg10$r?n1gT•l:the Elko land district. · , rnmzssuxpnsmc. Sec. 2. That the Sccretaigof the hnterior shall cause_a]1 plats, maps, pecords, and paperglitn tha] arsopdgitytlland ogisce, vghich t»0di(;1; . ormanecessaryp o ereco 0 can em racedm e _ tri the b cre ted tobetransferredt0theElko1anddistrict.

 ’°°°"’ Sec.   'lxhatiihe ,President is authorized to appoint, by and  

fhedaglice and cgrrient olgtuhebienite, a regisilter an si. receivg £0r said an 'tritan e s su jectto esame lawsan centitled to thecsixme comgensation as is or may be hereafter provided by law in relation to the existing land omoes and officers of said State. Approved, October 3, 1913. O ber ,1913. cKAP_ ___ __ ’

 privileges .§‘'3. ‘§:§.E%?2%L“t§§ 駧£$T.§‘¥u.fL°’t21n’§Z”.£‘gtt,‘§§‘tJ§&“.°;¥z 3.*3

l'P¤h1ic, No. 20-1 eighty, the immediate transportation of dutiable merchandise without


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Represe·m‘at·i·ves of the United ggtgyim N I States <y" America in Congress assembled, That the privil es of section purse nmdsufnl seven of the Act approved June tenth, eighteen hundred and eighty, %$,_*’°"°°‘°“ N"' governing the immediate transportation of dutiable merchandise ¤¤~ 2¤.1>·174· witho1;tPapplr%ri1)gnt,1%_>e, ajid the same are hereby, extended to the port 0 er y, ew ersey. Approved, October 3, 1913. °F&‘?"éT?&$??‘ R.‘§"1€€2. §}o§‘*£ 22°‘mrT°ip°§£“iiu§“£t3“££°&t€§%?L£gn§, *£§‘;’§.f’r$§§‘§ [Public, N0. 21.1 in Red Lake County, Minnesota. Be it enacted by the Senate and House Re sentaf es the Un°t d ¥§§*,,,L’},’§°,,*,§f§§,°(§‘ ,0, States ofAme1··ica in Congress assembled, %atZi;’lie timemior gimmendjiig ,gg1<g<餣,¤gr High- and completing the construction of the bridge authorized by the Act vexfac, 5. oss, of Congress apgroved February twenty-seventh, nineteen hundred °m°“d°°‘ and eleven, to e built across the Redy Lake River, at or near the section line between sections twenty-e` ht and twe¤ty-nine, township one hundred and fifty-three nortlg, range forty west, in the county of Red Lake, in the State of Minnesota, is hereby extended go onie year and three years, respectively, from date of approval ereo . -¤¤•¤d¤¤¤¤¤ Snecgj. That gale right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby expr y reserv . Approved, October 6, 1913.